You Must Hear This – Border Agents Can’t Pursue Terrorists, Criminals


Welcome terrorists

Terrorists crossing our borders is no joke

The Obama administration has ordered Border Patrol Agents to stand down and NOT pursue drug smugglers, human smugglers and traffickers, and illegals. Terrorist,s as we know from Janet Napolitano come across from time-to-time, and they will not be pursued.

This is at a time when there are reports of stepped up efforts by Iran to recruit South American converts to come into the United States to cause destruction, the same Iranians Mr. Obama wants to chat with.

The blaze has found out that Iran is recruiting an ‘invisible army’ of revolutionary sympathizers in Latin America to infiltrate the US through the open borders in the South. They use a website, to do it. Officials who informed the blaze must remain secret due to the nature of their work.

The site focuses on religion and politics and includes links to Iranian TV in Spanish. The stories are all anti-American and include chat rooms with messages from the Ayatollah. They are coming through our borders along with the criminals and now border agents can’t pursue them!

Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, spoke exclusively with Breitbart News:

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s drugs, bodies, or how large the group is, our agents are being ordered to stand down by Border Patrol management,” said Moran. “I have received reports from our agents in every single sector from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas that they are receiving these orders.”

“They are not being relieved in place, they are simply being told that someone else is being dispatched, but none of us have seen that occur,” he explained. “We are simply being ordered to stand down and stop tracking and trying to apprehend the criminals.”

 “Border Patrol senior leadership says the stand downs are a means of addressing budgetary shortfalls and making sure agents aren’t working longer shifts,” Moran said.

“The Border Patrol has a larger budget than ever, but the agents on the ground have not seen the benefits of an increased budget. The increased budget has not trickled down to the men and women with their boots on the ground.”

“They are placing the budgetary concerns before the security of our border,” Moran stated. “We have situations where top-level bureaucrats in the U.S. Border Patrol and in the Customs and Border Protection Agency are receiving massive bonuses — some up to $64,000 — for finding ways to reduce the pay Border Patrol Agents receive.”

“Groups that are outside of human trafficking, human smuggling, and drug smuggling are going to exploit these stand down orders as well, not only cartels but illegal aliens from nations that are tied to terrorism,” he warned.

The Democrats do not have our backs or our well-being at heart. They want votes and they want complete control. They will do anything to get it.