You Will Comply With the New McCarthy-ism


EPA Chief Gina McCarthy has given Americans their marching orders. You will not debate climate change any longer, she suggested, because the science is decided.

She is the new McCarthy but her doctrine is in support of full government control and Joseph McCarthy fought that type of government.

Joseph McCarthy was behind the red scare and Gina is behind the green scare.

In yet another global warming stunt, Barack Obama is heading to Alaska to blame the rash of forest fires on climate change. Climate change is the alleged existential threat that will be used to control the masses.

obama_global warmig


This fall, leaders will meet in Paris to pass insufferable regulations but most won’t comply. Barack Obama, however, will force the U.S. to comply despite the fact that most Americans do not want to respond in such an extreme way.

To make it worse, the Pope is of the same mind and he will come to the U.S. in September to add his support.

Barack Obama’s announcement:

A writer on one website posted his studied theory about the warming in Alaska.

He directed the readers to look at two charts from the Alaska Climate Research Center (ACRC), which is a part of the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


The claim that Alaska has grown warmer by three degrees over the last fifty years is true but the reason it has is because of a shift from 1976 to 1978, not because it’s been gradually warming. So what happened in those two years?

The article then goes on to explain that it corresponds to a phase shift of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation from a negative phase to a positive phase. Synoptic conditions with the positive phase tend to consist of increased southerly flow and warm air advection into Alaska during the winter, resulting in positive temperature anomalies.

It’s an anomaly.

What is even more interesting is the second chart.

This second chart below shows what’s happened in Alaska in the 37 years since the phase shift of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation: annual temperatures have DECREASED by 0.1° F.

“There is a slight summer temperature increase of 0.4°, but that is largely attributable to summer and fall increases at Point Barrow which is above the Arctic Circle, well north of the fires,” the author apotheosized.


Someone has to tell him he can’t debate the question any longer.

An article by a Fish & Wildlife Biologist Jim Beers, blames government policies for the fires, asserting that “the fires in Alaska and the western United States are entirely due to fire fuel accumulation on government land and landscapes inhospitable to access, fuel management or firefighting.”

He continued saying that “Management” is a euphemism they use to disguise the elimination of all “management” to be “replaced by tyrannical control for purposes directly contrary to the reasons originally given” to justify government ownership. “All their hidden agendas to destroy grazing, logging, hunting, fishing, trapping, gun ownership, rural communities, ranches, farms, roads, and other etceteras) ARE THE REASON for the fires.”

In 2014, Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University, writing for WattsUpWithThat, said that one-sided bias about forest fires is purposely trying to incite climate panic.

He continued, “more than 83% of forest fires in 2006 were started by human activities, accounting for the burning of nearly 4.4 million acres. In 2004, wildfires in Alaska burned more than 5 million acres, the worst year for Alaskan fires. However 426 fires were started by humans and only 275 were natural fires ignited by lightning. In 2003 California’s “Fire Siege” the first of several fires was set during military artillery practice. The biggest fire, the Cedar Fire, happened when a signal fire got out of control.”

“There is a wealth of scientific research regards [sic] the effects of fire suppression and natural cycles,” he added.

He goes on to explain something similar to what Mr. Beers has said, that naturally experienced fires every 5 to 40 years – at least as of 2014 – had “built up dangerously high fuel loads.”

Mr. Steele also talks about the global warming climate models failing miserably when replicating natural ocean cycles. “Several researchers have shown that the warmth and drought predicted by CO2 driven models may have mistakenly modeled the climate effects of ocean cycles but blamed the results on CO2,” he wrote.

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy said that there’s no use discussing climate change because the science is “settled.” I guess they didn’t get the memo.

The government wants to control every aspect of our lives and climate change is the hook.

They will get you out of your cars for starters.

Anyone who has been to LA knows the traffic is almost unbearable and if you get lost, unbearable doesn’t even begin to cover it.

To deal with traffic, LA is going to cut car lanes. They plan to add bus and bike only lanes instead. They want zero traffic collisions as they increase congestion and road rage. They want you to surrender your car and bike or ride the bus instead.

The totalitarian left has decided you need to stop driving.

This is going on throughout the country, but is most obvious in the leftist states.

If we destroy our economy and way of life to meet Barack Obama’s insane standards for climate change, by the year 2100, we will have – at most – cooled the earth by one degree Celsius and by 2200 less than half a degree Celsius. It’s all based on the gross exaggeration of global warming which is based on computer models – only.



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