Zuckerberg, Merkel Nab Pegida Leader for Facebook Hate Speech



We recently reported that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook agreed to work with the German government to scout out and obliterate hate speech against the hordes of invaders coming into the country.


We also reported recently that Merkel gave the okay to prosecute a crude comedian who satirized the fascist-lite president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan. She is advancing in her efforts to squash free speech.

The latest is the arrest and trial of the head of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann over “hate speech” on Facebook.

USA Today reported that Zuckerberg, leader of the worldwide NO BORDERS movement, is said to be willing to cooperate with Merkel’s Stasi which collects meta-data on Facebook.

Bachmann has several hundred people on his account and the comments were made before he became a public figure and the head of Pegida.

Lutz Bachmann is accused of inciting racial hatred after he made a series of Facebook posts where he called refugees “cattle” and “trash”.

His lawyer is arguing that because there are hundreds of Lutz Bachmann’s on Facebook, any one could have been faked and in addition there is no evidence he wrote the comments.

The 43-year-old’s trial in Dresden is being held amid tight security.

Pegida’s rallies have attracted thousands of supporters in Germany and has spread to other countries. They were prominent in protesting the massive sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Mr. Bachmann is accused of “disrupted public order” by his comments, which were an “attack on the dignity” of refugees.

He faces between three months and five years in prison.

Germany not only doesn’t have free speech, they only have PC speech. When will we have our own hate speech laws and watch people carted off to prison? After November if the democrats win is one guess.