1/1024 Truth Teller! Elizabeth Warren Doubly Lied


While Elizabeth Warren is telling families they cannot have school choice or charter schools, she is lying to them and telling them her children went to public school.

Reason’s Corey DeAngelis caught Elizabeth Warren lying to her face when she told school choice advocate Sarah Carpenter that she sent her kids to public school. “No, my children went to public schools,” Warren said when questioned about her children’s education.

It doesn’t stop there. She lied twice essentially.


DeAngelis managed to track down a yearbook showing her son Alex attended Kirby Hall School, an expensive private school in Austin, Texas. Tuition at the school is currently around $18,000 per year.

Her son started at Kirby Hall in the fifth grade, but further digging shows him in private school in high school as well.

When someone lies and appears to lie pathologically, you cannot trust a word they say.




  1. This woman will say anything to confirm her connection to the people when in reality she is an elitist, pure propaganda and lies.

  2. Warren and the Democrats are all LIARS and Anti American. They sold our country out and now want to sell American Taxpayers to the highest bidder. CHINA.

  3. No charter schools. No choice. This alone ought go turn all minorities against Fauxcahontas. In quite a few areas of Austin, if it weren’t for charter schools and school choice minorities would be getting no education at all. AISD has recently had to close 4 schools in predominantly minority areas because charter schools’ quality of education is that much better. AISD would rather bus the remaining children than improve the quality and compete with charters. Leave it to the socialist-democrats to always step in the doo than pick it up.

  4. Lie after lie after lie, the Democrat party and their radical leftist media propaganda organs spew rivers of lies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  5. So she lied about being an Indian. Then she got caught lying about something else rather recently, I can’t remember what it was exactly and now she’s lying again. What a surprise!

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