10 Creepy Administration Statements for the Week


Our administration is at no loss for words to disguise their real intent or beliefs in flowery language. For instance “rogue states” becomes “outliers”, “investments” replaces wasteful government spending, or Al Qaeda is now said to be an “Al Qaeda affiliate” as if they were a McDonald’s franchise. Then there is the hate America approach to governance that Mr. Obama has adopted out of his sincere belief that traditional America is in need of a fundamental transformation.

This week saw some new quotes and stances that make it a standout week of euphemisms and obfuscations.

1. “Economic patriotism” is not new exactly. We heard it first during the presidential elections from a Democratic senator. Mr. Obama has upped its meaning a notch by claiming businesses that use loopholes such as tax inversions are unpatriotic. There is at least one liberal in the media that said they should take a loyalty oath.

There is nothing patriotic about being anti-capitalist. Mr. Obama wants businesses to make less money for their investors and give it to the government to waste.

It is, in reality, patriotic to make money for investors.

Jonathan Alter of The Daily Beast wants Obama to compel companies to take “loyalty oaths.”

Mr. Obama is having that effect in any case. The drugstore chain Walgreens is afraid to expand overseas for fear of pressure from the administration and it’s costing their investors billions.


2. Mr. Obama let ISIS know that we will do almost nothing as they rape and pillage to form their caliphate with the ultimate goal of destroying Israel and the West.

He said this yesterday:

I ran for this office in part to end our war in Iraq and welcome our troops home, and that’s what we’ve done. As Commander-in-Chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq.

And so even as we support Iraqis as they take the fight to these terrorists, American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq, because there’s no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq.

Most don’t want to go back to war in Iraq but couldn’t he keep it to himself?


3. Mr. Obama also did his anti-U.S. thing this week. He began the week saying, “We tortured some folks.”  The folks he is referring to are three vile terrorists who plotted 9/11.

He thinks we are guilty of human rights violations, in essence he is drawing moral equivalence between us and Iran, China, Russia, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and so on.

He said this at Wednesday’s presser:

As is true on a whole range of issues — and I’ve said this in the past — many times we will work with countries even though they’re not perfect on every issue.

And we find that in some cases engaging a country that generally is a good partner but is not performing optimally when it comes to all of the various categories of human rights, that we can be effective by working with them on certain areas, and criticizing them and trying to elicit improvements in other areas.

And even among countries that generally have strong human rights records, there are areas where there are problems. That’s true of the United States, by the way.

Then there was Mr. Obama’s welcoming of unsavory characters from Africa who have been known to slaughter and/or abuse their own people. He held a grand affair for them at the White House. The man who speaks of our alleged human rights abuses, welcomed human rights abusers – real ones.


4. Mr. Obama gave a stirring speech about the Ukraine as Putin stands poised to invade. He iterated “his preference for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.” That sure has Putin worried.

In fact, Putin’s foreign affairs minister sent out this nasty sissy-bomb:



5. VP Joe Biden has found a new way of selling open borders and the child abuse we are helping to promote.

About the minors at the border, which includes gang youth, he said: “These are not somebody else’s kids. These are our kids.”

Presumably, he will now take the 100,000 back to Delaware with him.  He will need a bigger place.

He did however add that we can’t just let them stay because they would be better off.

It’s really hard to know what he means – ever.

This past week, he congratulated and encouraged the “nation of Africa.”

This man wants to run for president and, don’t forget, he is currently one heartbeat away from the presidency.


Earlier this week, the administration rephrased the way we look at illegals. Detainess are now called “residents” and guards are called “resident advisers.” They are also working on selling the whole idea of open borders with VP Joe.


6. Obama’s Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said in 2012 that federal subsidies would NOT be paid out to those states that didn’t adopt the exchanges.

Now Gruber is saying his words in 2012 were just a speak-o…a typo out of his mouth in other words. He uttered multiple speak-os as it turns out.

Lies are now speak-os.


7. Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she is relying on them to be her messengers and get her word out, but that’s not news.

Pelosi went bonkers on the House floor and tore after Republican Rep. Marino to tell him he was “insignificant” because he disagreed with her handling of illegal immigration. That was news. She didn’t have her broom with her as she flew after him.


8. Obama minion Juan Williams, while not in the administration, is a welcomed visitor. On Fox News Sunday, when asked if opposition to Mr. Obama was racist or a difference of opinion, he said all those opposed to Mr. Obama are older white people and the Republican party is almost a completely white party. The people who want Mr. Obama impeached are all old white people.


9. Barack Obama and Valerie Jarret attacked Israel every time Israel set off a missile, even though they said they supported Israel’s right to defend itself. I guess they can defend themselves but not with weapons.

Jimmy Carter, still as anti-Semitic as ever, is not currently in the administration but he is very like Mr. Obama and was in the administration, so his words need to be repeated.

He said that Hamas, the terror group, should be recognized as “legitimate”. He had earlier stated that Hamas wants peace. Hamas is the organization that has clearly stated it won’t stop until Israel is erased from the face of the earth.

Mr. Obama followed that up by saying he doesn’t “have any sympathy for Hamas” as if they were merely being naughty.


10. Mr. Obama was tough on some people though – citizens! He promised to violate the Constitution and legalize millions of illegal aliens as soon as he gets back from vacation. Vacation first!


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