10 Key Insights From Today’s Deep State Coup News


by Director Blue

10 Key Insights From Today’s Deep State Coup News

10. Lisa Page, Cooperating Witness Against the Deep State
Lisa Page, the DOJ special counsel for the FBI during Obamagate, is a cooperating witness with Inspector General Horowitz. Her testimony — and text messages — are laced throughout today’s IG report on Andrew McCabe’s lies that led to his firing. Page’s evidence is very likely instrumental to the more complete IG report due out in May.

9. Andrew McCabe Freaked Out About Reports of His Conflict of Interest
When The Wall Street Journal‘s Devlin Barrett reported on Andrew McCabe’s conflict of interest with respect to the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the then-deputy director essentially freaked out.

Barrett reported that the state senate campaign of McCabe’s wife was funded to the tune of more than half-a-million by Clinton proxy Terry McCauliffe. In fact, just days after revelations that Clinton operated an illegal email server for all State Department business became public, McCaullife visited Jill McCabe and encouraged her to run for office. Her husband Andrew would, under normal circumstances, have led any investigation into Hillary’s illegal actions.

Andrew McCabe, according to recorded testimony, forced his subordinate Lisa Page to secretly leak reports to the WSJ that he was not conflicted and that he, in fact, wanted to continue the Hillary probe. This, it would appear, was a lie.

8. Andrew McCabe Is a Sleaze-Bag
After ordering his subordinates to leak to the Journal, McCabe then denied said leaks to his boss (James Comey) and, as part of his peronsal cover-up, actually ripped other DOJ officials for the leaks that he had orchestrated.

7. Why Hasn’t McCabe Been Indicted?
As Brit Hume points out, “The term ‘lacked candor’ emerges in the IG report on McCabe as an FBI/DOJ euphemism… the meaning seems clear: he lied.”

And since lying to the FBI is the kind of grievous crime that Michael Flynn and Martha Stewart were charged with, why hasn’t McCabe?

The raid on Trump attorney Michael Cohen was said to be precipitated by illegal activities related to New York City taxi medallions, a business with which Cohen has been involved.

The priorities of the DOJ seem clear: taxi medallions over the Boston Marathon bombers, the San Bernardino terrorists, the Pulse Nightclub shooters, and Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, to name but a few.

Then-FBI director James Comey briefed President-Elect Trump on the existence of the “salacious and unverified” Russian dossier. He admits in his book that he never informed Trump that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC had paid for the “dossier”.

4. J. Edgar Comey, Part II
In his book, Comey asserts that it is the job of law enforcement “to keep our leaders in check”. Funny, that key fact never turned up in any of my Civics classes.

Comey’s statement reads, “It is… wrong to stand idly by, or worse, to stay silent when… a president brazenly seeks to undermine public confidence in law enforcement institutions that were established to keep our leaders in check”.

And here I thought that our law enforcement institutions were supposed to enforce, you know, laws.

3. Obama vs. Trump on Executive Privilege
Hey, remember when Barack Obama claimed “executive privilege” on his communications with then-Attorney General Eric Holder regarding his operation to ilegally distribute thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels? Good times, good times.

At least two U.S. law enforcement personnel — not to mention hundreds of Mexican nationals — were murdered as a direct result of Holder’s actions.

Hundreds of dead vs. Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. Seems legit.

2. Edgar Comey, Part III
In his book, Comey compares President Trump to a “mob boss”.

He does not, in fact, compare the Clinton syndicate to anything. You know, the folks behind the Loral/China missile deal, the Uranium One scandal, the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scams, the inflated price of speeches, the election-rigging against Bernie Sanders, the passing of debate questions by confidante Donna Brazile to Hillary, and a litany of other skulduggery.

Seems legit.

1. Cohen and Fusion GPS



  1. NEVER forget, their every step made is the most vicious disrespect of We The People and our DARING to doe once, FINALLY choosing for ourselves who would be president.
    They have signaled to us in no uncertain terms the great disdain in which they hold the American people

  2. How far will it go.

    This time it involves allegations of Donald Trump engaging in repeated acts of a sexual nature with much younger women/girls – allegations that are to be bolstered by the recent raid on longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s offices. This salacious bit of political fire is to then be followed up by even more significant anti-Trump artillery in the form of a forming-at-this-very-moment RICO charge involving someone “very close” to the President – and perhaps the President himself. (Current logic would link that scenario to Michael Cohen)

    So says a longtime former Congressional staffer with ties to high-ranking members of both political parties.

  3. I keep wondering about the Washington Post, Bezos, CIA connection. These connections are tied through business connections. Bezos buys the Washington Post after securing a contract for Cloud Data storage. Is there a pipeline here.

    A great deal of leaks are reported by the Washington Post and Mueller’s Cabal seems inextricably tied in the middle.

    The identity of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also unmasked from intelligence intercepts and leaked to the Washington Post. The fact that the FBI had secured a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant on Carter Page was also leaked to the Post. The Saga of Erik Prince also relates to the unmasking.

    The one, most important, item that Congress seems little interested in getting to the bottom of is the 99 page FISC report that has yet to be unredacted. Why is this ignored by so many. It specifically states that “outside contractors” were given raw intelligence data but redacts the names of such organizations.

    As director of the FBI during the post-9/11 period, when foreign intelligence surveillance and its abuses made regular front-page headlines, Mueller knows exactly how the system can be abused—and what the penalties are. He also recognizes that Russiagate is evidence of how it was abused, and who abused it—including some of the same people he worked with during his 12-year tenure as FBI director.

    The purpose of the Mueller inquiry is therefore not to investigate the mostly ludicrous-seeming charges in the Steele dossier, but to protect the institution of the FBI, former colleagues, as well as the national security surveillance system. Therefore the inquiry has to cover up the sinful origins of the collusion narrative itself—which was born in repeated abuses of power and subsequent crimes committed by US officials in the intelligence bureaucracy and the Obama administration.

    As Robert Barnes notes: “Should the wheels of the Mueller probe ever stop grinding, his entire constituency immediately becomes vulnerable. The public will understand what happened…That’s why the investigation can’t stop; it can only keep expanding.”

    It’s high time Nunes, Gowdy, Goodlatte, Jordan, et.al., Demand the unredacted FISC report ASAP.

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