10 Killed, 10 Injured at Santa Fe High School by 17 -Year Old Student


Dimitrios Pagourtzis

Ten people are dead in a horrific tragedy at Sante Fe High School in SE Houston. The 17-year old killer, a junior at the school is Dimitrios Pagourtzis. He was walking down the hall acting suspiciously before the shooting.

He is under arrest. Two others are persons of interest and are detained.

The student always wore a t-shirt but what was different Friday was he had a t-shirt that said ‘Born to Kill’.

One injured male student about 16 years of age has a gunshot wound to the leg. A female patient, who is middle-aged has a gunshot wound to the leg and is in the OR. She was taken in by her husband.

There are at least 10 injured in total and about 3 are in critical condition.

A 49-year old man, the resource officer, had a gunshot wound to his upper arm and his chest. He suffered significant blood loss and remains critical condition Friday evening. He had to be resuscitated.

Most of the dead are students.

In addition to a shotgun, the student had a .38 revolber. Both weapons were his father’s who was a legal owner. His son took them illegally.

Pagourtzis had planned to kill himself but instead surrendered, according to Governor Abbott.

Pagourtzis recently posted a photo on social media wearing a t-shirt that said “Born to Kill” and the caption on his Instagram said “we all die sometime.”

There were also photos of a gun and knife and a long green coat with Nazi regalia.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Rogalski confirmed the Alvin teen was following several weapons pages on social media, KHOU reported.

Various types of explosive devices have also been found on campus and off campus. His home, a trailor where he lived with his parents, was also being searched.

The gunman burst into a first period art class and started shooting with a shotgun. He shot students in another class as well. A shotgun is an extremely lethal weapon that causes horrific injuries.

Police arrived and stopped the gunman. There was one armed resource officer on campus and he is the man in critical condition.

The Board has been debating the issue of armed police officers on campus. There is a money issue but the city was willing to help fund the officers. Many didn’t want armed officers in the schools.

According to Journal Publishing on April 27th:

Some Santa Fe Public Schools patrons are worried about having guns at schools, even if it’s sworn police officers who carry them. There are legitimate concerns about whether police weapons, by combinations of bad judgment, chaos or accident, could add a dangerous element to typical school problems – fights between students, a disruptive student who won’t quiet down, an angry parent confronting a teacher, bullying behavior.

The Santa Fe community wants gun control.

However, there is a case to be made for armed guards in this day and age. In Illinois, an armed resource officer ran to the gunfire unlike the Broward cowards and prevented any injuries or deaths in what could have been a massacre.

There cannot be a resource officer everywhere. A number of changes have to take place including more security to include metal detectors.

Some students saw the gunman pull the fire alarm, but others said a substitute teacher pulled the alarm to get the children out of the school.

Just last week, the students had safety drills and knew what to do when the alarm went off.


Governor Abbott confirmed 10 dead and 10 injured.

The President and the Vice President have offered their prayers.

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