10 Million More Migrants Will Head for the EU Says German Development Minister


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More than 500 women have filed police complaints, with 40% of them listed as sexual assaults, after the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne and several other German cities while police try to find the suspects. The attacks were perpetrated by Middle Eastern and African men, many of whom are migrants. Similar attacks took place in several other EU nations including Sweden and Helsinki.

EU member nations are balking at taking in so many refugees and Turkey is not sufficiently stemming the flow of refugees into the EU.

The anti-immigration Pegida group has been protesting with numbers in the hundreds and thousands.

Despite being overburdened with the influx of refugees and migrants and having taken in 1.1 million in Germany alone, Europe has housed only 10 percent of Syrian and Iraqi migrants , warned Germany’s Development Minister Gerd Müller in an interview with ‘Bild am Sonntag.’

More asylum seekers from “eight to ten million are still on the way,” he said, Russia Today reported.

Africa’s population will double in the coming decades,” Müller said adding: “In the Sahara up to one million people have died trying to escape.”

“The protection of external borders is not working. Schengen has collapsed. A fair distribution of refugees has not taken place,” he added.

Schengen is the agreement to evenly distribute refugees among the countries but the migrants are choosing to go to the most generous welfare states, primarily Sweden and Germany.

“We cannot build fences around Germany and Europe.”

He also said that if more refugees come they will fail to integrate into the European society. “We need a reduction. If we have a million again like last year, we cannot successfully integrate them at the same time.”

Numerous reports indicate that the migrants are not integrating and have been forming alternative communities with Shariah courts. Saudi Arabia is planning to help Germany build 200 new mosques. The face of Germany and all of the EU is changing. The newcomers bring their culture with them and if not integrated, their culture will become the culture of the EU.

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