100 Active, High-Powered Pedophiles Are Being Sheltered in Hollywood


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The people who have a stranglehold on society shelter pedophiles and vipers among them, according to Elijah Wood. Wood had leading parts in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Hollywood is the cesspool many of us knew it to be.

The actor told The Sunday Times that young actors in Hollywood are being sexually abused by predatory high-powered ‘vipers’ working in the industry and the child abuse is “probably still happening”. Fortunately for Wood, his mother protected him from the molesters.

It’s a story that has been around for years and some industry celebrities have been convicted after testimony by child actors like Corey Feldman who said he was “surrounded” by molesters when he was a teenager.

Cory Haim
Cory Haim

The 80’s teen icon Corey Haim, who starred with Corey Feldman in The Two Cory’s, revealed that he engaged in self-mutilation after being sexually assaulted by a man while filming the coming-of-age drama Lucas in 1985. “[I was] raped, so to speak, when I was about 14-and-a-half years old,” he admitted while remaining mum on the identity of the culprit, Radar Online reported.

There were two who molested him. He eventually killed himself with a drug addiction.

The Australian reported:

The most explosive allegations of Hollywood paedophilia surround “pool parties” at a Los ­Angeles mansion in the late 1990s hosted primarily by Marc Collins-Rector. He had co-founded Digital Entertainment Network, which generated its own online content — some of it with overtly ped­erastic tones.

DEN attracted almost $US100m of investment from Hollywood giants, including David Geffen and Michael Huffington, as well as Bryan Singer, now one of the most feted directors in Hollywood, and the film maker behind The Usual Suspects and the billion-dollar-grossing X-Men franchise. Geffen, Huffington and Singer are all alleged to have been at the parties but none is accused of any wrongdoing.

At these parties, Collins-Rector and other men are said to have sexually assaulted at least six teenage boys, according to lawsuits filed in 2000 and 2014. Michael Egan, who was a teenager at the time of the alleged abuse in 1999, sued Singer and two other men, ­alleging serious sexual abuse. He had to drop this suit after he was found to have contradicted himself. A federal judge accused him of lying in court.

Singer has denied all claims of child abuse and said the accusations against him were a “sick, twisted shakedown”.

The Australian continued:

Another convicted pedophile, Brian Peck, was also a guest at the parties. Singer had given him cameo roles in two of the X-Men films. In 2004 Peck was found guilty of abusing a famous young actor on the Nickelodeon network. After prison Peck returned to Hollywood, where he accepted a role as a dialogue coach on the sitcom Anger Management, starring Charlie Sheen. Peck later went on to play, of all things, a sex education teacher in a film.

Anne Henry, co-founder of Bizparentz – a group to help young actors – said that Tinseltown is currently sheltering around “100 active abusers”.

Last year, a documentary, An Open Secret, opened to the public detailing child sex abuse in the entertainment industry. Produced by acclaimed filmmaker Amy Berg, it gives evidence to the fact that child sex abuse is written into the very culture of the entertainment industry, and sadly, there is a preponderance of evidence to support that claim.



Source: Daily Mail



  1. So boycott Hollywood. Never pay to see a movie. Never purchase another movie. Doing so makes us responsible for this to continue. Why aren’t the news channels being held responsible for not blasting this Pedophile Pandemic openly on the news? Why are the stars protected with little to no reports of their transgressions? More importantly; Why is this not considered high treason? Anyone involved should be put in general population in prison. Molesting and raping the youth of any country should have the highest level of punishment. Isolate their accounts and liquidate their assets. all of these proceeds can be used to fund a legal group that can operate like the FBI and have the authority to shut down a pedophile operation in seconds. While publicly revealing all involved round the clock day in and out. This should out weigh the farce that is the racist black lives matter movement. the native americans are the only ones who can claim racism.

  2. We need to stop contributing to the Hollywood Pedophiles and child trafficking scum. That is why we have not gone to a movie theater for over 5 years, and discontinued Dish Network. These evil, depraved dirt bags have been brain washing our children for many years and continue to put filth on the screen. ENOUGH!!!

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