1,000 Savages Yelling “Allahu Akbar” Attack Police, Set Fire to Germany’s Oldest Church


St. Reinold's church in Dortmund, Germany
St. Reinold’s church in Dortmund, Germany

A thousand savages screaming “Allahu Akbar” at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Dortmund, Germany, attacked police with fireworks, and deliberately set fire to an historic church, according to Breitbart London.

They also attacked homeless people and women and children.

St. Reinold’s, is 750 years old. Only the roof was damaged fortunately.

St. Reinold's church in Dortmund
An interior view of St. Reinold’s church in Dortmund

The police described the night as “quiet” in a statement, and as “normal” by a spokesman for the city government, writes Breitbart.

Two dozen people were injured, some seriously.

One man had first-degree burns to his face and hands from the fireworks.

While there were a large number of police, more had to be called in to deal with the “large number of young men from North Africa” in town. Police officer Volker Stall noted that the crowd exhibited an “aggressive mood” toward the public and police.

The Ruhr Nachrichten reported that at midnight, “at least 1,000 young men” began throwing fireworks at a group of homeless people outside the city’s main train station, and then into crowds of visitors, who included families with children. Asked by officers to stop, the mob simply turned their violence on the police instead, launching fireworks at them.

These people are savages and if I lived in politically correct Germany, I would probably be arrested for saying that, though it is true.

The rioters from Syria and other Muslim countries.

Firemen had to intervene after the mob set the roof on fire.

One rocket struck a wooden lattice on the façade of the Reinold church, setting it on fire. The city’s fire brigade—already standing by because of the earlier disturbances—extinguished the blaze before it could do serious damage.

The rocket-firer—identified as a Syrian—was arrested and taken into custody.

Finally, to round off the evening, hundreds of “Syrians” then started chanting “Allahu Akbar” and waving Syrian flags.

This is Marxist multiculturalism at work. Angela Merkel’s refugee policy is the kind of cultural enrichment she asked for whether she admits it or not.

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