1200 Attacks on Religious Freedom in One Year



The photo is of an angry Kathleen Sebelius striking a church with lightning. The caption reads, ‘The Government Is Your God.’

The Liberty Institute and The Family Research Council joined together to compile a report, “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America,” which includes 1200 new attacks on people of faith last year.


Your most basic rights are being gravely threatened. This threat is coming in the form of a tidal wave of government-driven hostility to religious liberty in America. Such hostility is a tsunami which—if it reaches shore—will sweep away all your other liberties. Why? The Declaration of Independence, the birth certificate of our nation, acknowledged that all our rights—such as the right to a fair trial and to elect our own government—are “endowed” by a “Creator.”

They are therefore “unalienable” and not to be violated by government. For that reason, the Founders called “free exercise” of religion, guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution, our “First Freedom.” They regarded the right of everyday people to express open allegiance to the Creator as a safeguard against government attacks on any rights given by that Creator. But what if open and widespread expression of religious freedom—in government, schools, workplaces, the military, public places, and more—is eliminated, driven into the shadows of society?

What if religion becomes an opinion only to be expressed privately in your home or quietly in your church, if at all? What if religious liberty becomes a poor, subservient tenant of an arbitrary and imperious government landlord?

If that occurs, then government can erase any of your rights as it sees fit, since government, not the “Creator” cited by the Founders, will be regarded as the ultimate definer, giver or taker of all rights.

Among the 1200 cases cited:

  • Christian churches and businesses forced to provide abortifacients for their employees under the Obamacare mandate;
  • students not allowed to wear crosses;
  • historical displays with religious significance removed from public grounds;
  • a man denied a vanity license plate that had numbers that could be interpreted as a bible verse;
  • Atheists demand the removal of the steel girders that formed a cross when the World Trade Center fell;
  • forcing a private business of Christian photographers to photograph a gay wedding;
  • a demand is made to remove a holocaust memorial from the Ohio statehouse;
  • a man imprisoned for handing out religious tracts on a public sidewalk near a fairground;
  • firefighters forced to participate in a gay pride parade who were then subjected to verbal abuse and sexual gestures;
  • a Muslim threatened with loss of his taxicab license for wearing the attire required by his religion;
  • a Cargill employee fired for having a message on his car that read, “Please vote for marriage on Nov. 7.” See more on this link.


The Liberty Institute

Our government is now cooperating with numerous extremist groups to continue the onslaught. For example, groups like The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Military Freedom from Religion Foundation serve as consultants directly or indirectly to government organizations such as the Pentagon.

These groups label as terrorists and extremists soldiers, private businesses, students, pastors, and anyone else who attempts to appear religious in public. They are also sue-happy.

They are anti-religion, though they claim they are not, and their goal is to ban religious freedom. Just as Atheists who represent a minority of our population deserve the right to display their lack of belief in God, so do religious people have a right to express their beliefs. We are faced with tyranny by the minority.

Freedom of religion is a First Amendment right and we had better fight for it.


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