Death Threats Against Trump Are Not Reason Enough to Be Suspended from Twitter


Daily Mail and Mashable report that there are 12,000 death threat tweets posted against President Donald Trump since he took office. The numbers came from a google search.

America should be so proud. We live in a country with a lot of simpletons.

The Secret Service doesn’t investigate all of the threats, Mashable reported. They single out those that appear to be serious such as repeat threats and those that include details.

What is really stunning is the fact that Twitter doesn’t take the tweets down nor do they suspend the accounts. They do suspend accounts of people like conservative reporter James O’Keefe for posting undercover videos, however.

Facebook and Twitter have policies in place to take down threatening posts. As Twitter said in an email statement, “The Twitter Rules prohibit threats of violence, and we will suspend accounts violating that policy.”

Yet Twitter doesn’t take down the posts threatening to kill or assassinate President Trump.

Here are a few examples.

Last night we saw some of those same people rioting at U.C. Berkeley. Look at one of the comments from a U.C. Berkeley professor. America should be so proud, especially of our professors. Some of the people teaching our youth want to overthrow our government.




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7 years ago

Death threats to ANYONE is reason enough to be banned from Twitter or any other social media outlet!