12,000 Migrants Over 300 Miles Demand Entry to the USA as Refugees


About 12,000 anonymous foreigners are now marching and riding to the USA. We first need to stop calling these mobs ‘caravans’. There is no caravan. They are invaders.

DHS says at least 20 countries are represented. That’s not a good thing.

None of the 12,000+ migrants heading for the United States will be checked for diseases as legal immigrants are and none will have their criminal histories checked. In all likelihood, the President will not be able to stop them.

The laws are written so that all Border Patrol can do is write them up and release them into the interior.

The first horde of 4,500 will possibly arrive in two weeks. many are hopping on trains, buses, and trucks. This is what has been going on at the border, courtesy the Democrats and some Republicans. In one 30-day period at McAllen, the Border Patrol caught 21,000. In another 50,000 were caught in a month at several locations.


The Guatemalan President said Venezuela and far-left groups are funding it. We don’t know about Venezuela, but it is true the far-left is involved.

These groups are funded by far-left, humanitarian and religious groups who believe in open borders.

A Marxist-Leninist revolutionary leader ogranized the original ‘caravan’ in the murder capital of Honduras.

Bartolo Fuentes initially organized it in an October 4th Facebook post. He shared a graphic promoting a “Caminata del Migrante” (“Migrant March”). The graphic told migrants and protesters to gather on October 12th at a bus station in San Pedro Sula.

He is tied to the Libre Party which isn’t a party but, rather, a communist revolutionary organization whose purpose is to foment chaos and rebellion.

Pueblo sin Fronteras, an open borders PR organization, is coordinating the march and groups funding them are funded by leftist billionaire George Soros.

George Soros has been funding many of the groups involved with Pueblo sin Fronteras but there are many groups inolved. Humanitarian aid groups, including Las Patronas, the Catholic Church, the Red Cross, Córdoba Civil Protection and civil society volunteers support the march.

The invasion is backed by many leftist groups in the U.S. who work with foreign leftists. They form 501c and 503c groups under the guise of victimhood and humanitarian relief. They create the problems and then they get U.S. taxpayer relief by claiming to solve the problems. Most Americans remain blissfully unaware.

USAID is also involved as we have reported.


U.S. leftist lawyers have already sued the President claiming foreigners have the right to asylum if they ask for it. The lawsuit claims they are entitled to all constitutional protections. That even applies to the ones 300 miles away.

One of the litigants is the extremely shady Nexus Services. They make a great living out of relocating the people. They don’t vet them. Nexus is involved in the lawsuit filed against the President by a dozen or so foreigners making their way to the USA. With leftist activist judges hearing these cases, they have it made.

The lawsuit was filed on their behalf by the law firm McFadden & Shoreman in Washington, Nexus Derechos Humanos Attoreys in Atlanta, and Williams Oinonen LLC in Atlanta.


The left likes to claim they commit fewer crimes than citizens but that’s because they conflate legal and illegal immigrants. It’s not true. A North Carolina website called NCFire keeps track of the sexual assaults of children each month. This month 22 illegals committed 88 sexual assaults against children. That’s one state and one type of crime.

It’s also very costly financially.

Photos via DennisMichaelLynch.com:


Even if they are hundreds of miles away, they have our rights. The U.S. cannot refuse migrants who are seeking asylum at the border, allegedly, according to both the country’s own laws and international law. The Flores decision prevents the U.S. from detaining families and we can’t deport anyone.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras released a statement asking that the U.S. “respect the international right to migrate and to seek asylum and refuge.”



  1. Predominant winds from the north northwest. Will make tear gas an effective deterrent. Should gas prove ineffective, there’s always the .50 cal sniper for the organizers.

    • Maybe the CIA can retrieve some of the chemical weapons they supplied to ISIS and sundry “moderate” terrorists in Syria to stage “false flags” and ship them to the border…just a thought…

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