13-Year Old Runs as a Democrat for Governor of VT to Ban Semi-Automatics


Are you kidding me?

A 13-year old child is running for Governor of Vermont as a Democrat so he can ban semi-automatic firearms. He participated in March for Our Lives and says his generation has to make a difference or they will have a mass shooting in Vermont, NBC News reports.

“My generation has been taking an important step in this because we’re the ones were getting shot,” Sonneborn told the network. “This affects us directly and people who say it can’t happen in Vermont, we came this close to it happening in Vermont. It will happen in Vermont if we don’t take action.”

Ethan Sonneborn, of Bristol, says if he were governor of Vermont, he would sign legislation to tighten the state’s gun laws.

He said he would like to see an assault-weapons ban added to Vermont’s current bill.

Sonneborn is currently gaining legislative experience as a statehouse page.

Of course he is.

He’s not content with the current gun bill but sees it as a “building block”.

“The bill is a good building block but it doesn’t have the kind of progressive gun reform Vermont needs,” Sonneborn said.

There is no age limit on running for governor.

Democrats have lost their minds.

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