$15 an Hour Workers! Here Are Your Replacements


China has come up with a solution for the rising wages of low-skilled workers – lots of robots. U.S. unions might want to give it some thought as they demand higher and higher wages for jobs robots can do. Maybe bringing in too many unskilled foreigners should also be rethought.

Express UK reports the Chinese are ready to outfit an entire factory with Artificial Intelligence to handle the menial tasks.

The robots are capable of making, assembling, and inspecting goods on assembly lines. In one factory, 30 workers were laid off.

The robots were displayed at China’s Hi-Tech fair in Shenzhen earlier this month, an annual event which showcases new development ideas with the aim of driving growth in a number of industries.

Giving the suffering manufacturing industry a leg up is a key part of the Chinese government’s Made in China 2025 policy.

Washington isn’t happy because it stiffens competition as a trade war continues.

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