15-Year Old Boy Beheaded for Listening to Music, Executioners Apply for Jobs with Starbucks


This is a horrific story, but it needs to be told. Maybe it will wake some people up. Ayham Hussein was caught listening to music at father’s market store in Mosul. He was dragged before a sharia kangaroo court which sentenced him to death. He was beheaded.

There wasn’t even a formal decision by the sharia court that bans listening to western music. They simply wanted to butcher him.

It apparently outraged the locals who sat around watching and talking about it while it took place.

They could be liberals if they were in the United States, oh that’s right, they are liberals as soon as they get here.

Soon, some of these people could be your baristas at Starbucks because we can’t properly vet them and the left is doing all they can to make sure we never can.

Starbucks’ brand name just took a massive hit because they said they were going to hire 10,000 refugees, not veterans, refugees. They don’t even know who these people are, especially if they choose Syrians. There are no documents for Syrians.


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