1500 illegals storm the border in one spot in 24 Hours as 12 GOP vote for open borders


In the past 24 hours, more than 1,500 illegal aliens have been nabbed in the Rio Grande Valley. They are invading in very large groups. The U.S. will soon be a mirror of Central America, a third world hellhole.

As agents responded to one group, hundreds of people crossed the river. That process repeated several times. In the month of February, CBP captured 76,000, but they are on target to exceed that in March. Those are the people we know about.

This is what is going on as our senators voted to reject the President’s emergency declaration to build the wall. They will give him nothing for other critical security measures. The paltry sum he will get from digging up money via the declaration won’t cover enough of the wall.

The laws need to change and our useless Congress won’t do a thing.

The Republican senators who voted against the President and for the invasion are: Senators Mitt Romney, a feckless RINO, Rob Portman, RINO, Susan Collins, RINO, Lamar Alexander retiring RINO, Lisa Murkowski, RINO, Pat Toomey, RINOs, Marco Rubio, an untrustworthy Republican, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Constitutionalists, Jerry Moran, Roger Wicker, Roy Blount, all voted with the Socialists who want to take this country down and keep our borders open.

All Democrats want open borders.

These useless senators were worried about the constitutionality, which didn’t bother them much under Obama. It’s a red herring. The President is following the law and there is a precedent for it. Claiming Democrats might do it if they do is also a ridiculous argument since they will do whatever they want either way.


Keep in mind that at least 63 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. It’s all very unaffordable and it’s a burden on our medical and educations systems.

In February, Gallup reported that a good five million people plan to storm our border this year.

According to the results, 27% of all adults south of our southern border want to move to a new country, permanently. Most want to come to the United States and are waiting for the best time, according to Gallup.

This is a crisis.

On March 10th, 800 stormed the El Paso border — that they know of, that is:

Mexican Andy posted this video today:

Watch them run right past Border Patrol.



Also, this week, the criminal cartels dropped two little children over the wall to distract border patrol while another ten ran across at another location. This goes on constantly.

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