16 Years for Burning a Rainbow Flag Under a State 3-Strike Law


Adolfo Martinez received a sentence of 16 years for tearing down a rainbow flag and setting fire to it in Ames, Iowa, in June 2019.

He must have had a lousy lawyer.

Since he had two prior felonies, he was treated as a “habitual offender.” It’s an Iowa state law that is basically a three-strike law.

Martinez, 30 years of age, wasn’t sorry since he is opposed to homosexuality.

“It was an honor to do that. It was a blessing from the Lord,” Martinez said. “It is a judgment, and it is written to execute vengeance on the heathen and punishments upon the people.”

He added, “I burned down their pride. Plain and simple.”

Martinez pleaded not guilty despite saying he had no plans to fight the charges and claiming, “I’m guilty. Guilty as charged.”

He also threatened to burn down a gentleman’s club when he was thrown out.

The man has issues, but 16 years? Seriously? The man needs therapy but the people who think 16 years for burning a rainbow flag is appropriate also have issues.

Isn’t that a sentence for a murderer, not a flag burner? Do you disagree?

This video was taken before his trial and sentence:

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