17 Afghans Beheaded for Singing and Dancing, Two Soldiers Murdered by “Friendly” Afghans


Obama negotiated with the Taliban in Afghanistan and we certainly can see the results.

Locals gathered for a party in Helmund Province, played music and danced for a late night party on Sunday. The party occurred in the Taliban controlled Helmund Province in the Musa Qala district. Some reports say it was a wedding party.

Two women dancers and 15 men were beheaded for dancing together and playing music. The Taliban does not approved of men and women mixing socially.

Democracy is being obliterated as a result of the political reconciliation and power-sharing with the Taliban. Thank you Obama. That was Obama’s decision – to power-share with the “good” Taliban. I have written about it extensively.

The Taliban also stormed a hotel in Kabul looking for “prostitutes and pimps” of which almost anyone could qualify by their standards. Twenty people were slaughtered. The Taliban claimed the hotel held “wild parties.”

Two more murders of our troops occurred on Monday by an Afghan working with our soldiers. It might have been accidental according to Afghan authorities though this is unlikely. The Afghans believe the insurgent fell and the gun went off, he ran off and was shot by soldiers.

Twelve foreign soldiers have been killed by “friendlies” this month. The insider killings are a way of forcing us out. Let’s go if Obama is going to give Afghanistan back to the Taliban anyway.

“There have been 33 insider attacks so far this year that have led to 42 coalition deaths. That is a sharp increase from 2011, when, during the whole year, 35 coalition troops were killed in such attacks, 24 of whom were American.” [Reuters]

Dropping numbers of soldiers gradually with announced withdrawal dates is the most dangerous type of withdrawal.

Afghanistan will be a failed state and open territory for al-Qaeda.

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