17-Year Old Sexually Assaulted in Three Separate Attacks Walking Home


A 17-year old girl making her way home after a night out with friends was attacked by an unknown number of men in three different attacks, the Telegraph UK reported. There were three separate crimes of opportunity completely unconnected from each other.

In one of the cases, several men might have raped the girl. At least two of the events appear to be serious assaults including rape.

The girl became separated from her friends and was so badly traumatized her memory is affected.

The victim, a student, may have been drugged.

The girl’s ordeal began shortly before midnight on Friday September 29. She was seen on camera at around 11.55pm being carried down Cambridge Heath Road in Hackney by the first suspect. Her clothes were later found nearby. It was caught on a street cam.

Shortly after midnight, another CCTV camera captures the girl stumbling down nearby Mint Street being followed by a different man, suspect two, on a racing bike.

Police believe the bearded man followed her as she turned the corner and headed in the direction of Bethnal Green train station.

When the girl was seen again, the girl, whose clothing appears dishevelled, emerges and continues down Corfield Street.

Just minutes later, at around 12.45pm, detectives believe the victim was attacked a third time, possibly by two or three men.

Finally some people found her in the street and called for help.

The police said they have never seen anything like it. It took place in Tower Hamlet, London, a Muslim enclave. Some of the alleged perpetrators can be seen on the street cams and appear to be Middle Eastern.



  1. “Appear to be Middle Eastern” … hmmm …. hmmm … racist coverage, for sure. Just because Muslims do this as part of the Koran, they’re trying to be religious, don’t we understand?

    Funny how there appear to be no actual ‘men’ in the UK. Never hear of a father, brother, any male relative, finding the rapists and killing them.

    And the authorities — ‘we’ve never seen anything like it’ — really? gee, it’s such a new thing in England.

    And you know, London has millions of cameras — surveillance state premiere! No doubt they have very detailed video of the rapists, who should all be executed.

    Until the war AGAINST Islam begins, they will continue all of this, until they have complete control. Islam declared war on all non-believers 1,400 years ago. Nothing’s changed. Just nobody seems to realize Muslims are the enemies of civilized life.

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