“We Are One” Communists And Unions Nationwide Rallies


The AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, Verizon and many other unions joined with the communist and socialist parties for the April 4th rallies. There were over 1000 such rallies throughout the country.

We Are One Chicago Rally – Communists & Union members spelled out the mission loud and clear: they are at war with capitalism, a war they see that as patriotic; they now call communism by the more acceptable term, socialism; and they want your money.

The caption for this photo read, Fun at San Francisco Rally to Restore Sanity in 2010.

Last I heard, seniors paid into social security and medicare for their entire working lives. Why should they give it up?

And why is this described as fun, but when tea partiers use far more innocuous signs, they are engaging in poor civil discourse?