18 of the Best Holiday Gifts EVER!


Every holiday season, people are looking for those last minute, creative gifts to bring to the holiday party so we thought we would help you out with some ideas. Buy any of these and you will be a big hit. You don’t have to thank us.

1.No flush toilet bowl coffee mug.

no flush toilet bowl coffee mug

2. Nobama countdown clock.

nobama clock

3. For the liberal family members, there’s a mug with his phony birth certificate.

obama mug

4. Bernie is my comrade mug for the very ‘liberal’ relative.




5. Everyone has one of these.

crazy aunt

6. Something for the dogs.

dog gift

7. The ugly Christmas-Hanukkah sweater.

Hanikkah Christmas sweater

8. A nice Christmas ornament for the people you love the most.


9. You will be a hit with this.

whoopee cushion

10. You want to get your friend off cigarettes? Buy this.




11. Something for the baby you can show his friends when he hits his teen years.

somthing fun for the baby

12. The ugly Christmas sweater. Everyone needs one of these.

ugly christma sweater

13. The ugly Christmas suit – a new trend for the spirited.

ugly christmas suits

14. The ugly Christmas sweater cake.

ugly christmas sweater cake

15. The noisy bongo drums for the grandchild.

bongo drums

16. The million small piece lego set for the sister’s children.


17. You could just go with a traditional Christmas tree ornament like Barack Obama’s Mao-tse-Tung Christmas ball in honor of the man who slaughtered tens of millions of people.

mao tse tung

18. And last but not least, this gift for the naughty family members and friends.


But don’t worry, most can all be re-gifted for next year. You might even get them back!



  1. My two cents:

    Very nice. The Obama fake birth certificate mugs for my son’s mother-in-law, just to rankle her feathers.

    As for the ugly Christmas sweaters, thought I’d start a tradition with the kids. Learned the hard way, WRONG TRADITION. Ten frigging days of drama before my twelve year old granddaughter could decide which sweater was uglier and then she begged for twenty-four hour delivery. [I guess I would’ve too if it took me ten days to choose a sweater but then, it wouldn’t have taken me ten days to decide that I wanted the very first sweater I looked at TEN DAYS EARLIER.]

    Endgame: (a) Her father bought it and the shipping; and (b) that frigging sweater looks exactly like the ugly Christmas cake in this post. [Tried to talk my son into getting the red suit above. He said he’d never make it through the night in Brooklyn wearing that suit. No sense of humor.]

    Lesson: Next year I start preparing for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in August. (Yeah, Christmas is just that darned commercial) Ugh!

    Merry Christmas, Sarah. Peace and blessings to all.

    • HAHAHA My Mother in Law always bought me my ugly sweater but now she’s gone and I miss the ugly things. 🙁

      Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours!

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