18 Years After 9/11, We Have a Trial Date for the Terrorists Who Caused It


On the anniversary of 9/11/01, you should know that the dirtbags responsible have not yet faced justice. First responders have died from diseases and families were forever devastated, but these terrorists live.


Eighteen years after 9/11, we have a court date for the ‘alleged’ mastermind behind the worst Islamic terror attack on U.S. soil, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. They waited so long, what does the evidence and what do the witnesses look like after all these years? Hopefully, it’s still good.

Mohammad will be tried along with four other men at a military court in Guantánamo Bay from 11 January 2021.


The men are charged with war crimes including terrorism and the murder of almost 3,000 people, a death toll only rivaled by Pearl Harbor.

The five men will be the first to go on trial, nearly 20 years since the devastating attacks on New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

If found guilty, the group all face the death penalty. If found guilty, and that’s a big ‘if,’ will they get 30 years of appeals? Will they really get death? There is always the possibility they will get out.


Terrorists and war criminals should not be treated the same way we treat common criminals, but it is the direction Barack Obama sent us when he came into office.

Legalistic details have caused the cases to become “mired in delays.” These men should have faced the firing squad by now ‘if guilty.’ We know they’re guilty from their own confessions and tapes of them planning it. What kind of sick system do we have that allows this to take place in the case of terrorists in an act of war?

Barack Obama delayed the trials when he suspended the war court and added more due process protections, something Democrats don’t do for people like Justice Kavanaugh or even gun owners.

One of those details is Barack Obama trying to get the trial moved to leftist New York City where they probably would have been out with time served. In New York, where we are located, evil is rewarded, criminals and terrorists are sympathetic, and victims are to be ignored if they don’t fit into the narrative. Fortunately, the trial will take place in a military court.

The leftist lawyers also filed motion after motion to delay the cases, making fools of America’s judicial system. There are now 28,000 pages on motions and transcripts to go through.

When this photo of Mohammad came out, there was an outcry from the bleeding hearts who were worried about his welfare.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad

These monsters had the benefit of 20 years of due process and it’s not over. There will be appeals.


The leftist lawyers defending these dirtbags are trying to get their confessions excluded since the interrogators weren’t nice to them.

Will Mohammad use his trial to create a spectacle and claim we deserved what we got? Probably. Will his lawyers assist him in this effort?

The terrorists won on 9/11 and they are winning now, especially as we see some of them take over mosques and seats in Congress to infiltrate from within. As long as CAIR and some of the offshoots exist, we are infiltrated. We’re not allowed to investigate them because it’s racial profiling even though race has nothing to do with any of it.

An usher at my wedding was killed, along with others I knew. I want justice for their killers.

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