19 ICE Agents Do NOT Want to Abolish ICE


Fox News reporter Christopher Carbone claimed that 19 senior ICE agents had written a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen demanding that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) be disbanded.

That headline was spread to other media sources and interpreted as ICE agents want to abolish ICE.


Does anyone do actual investigating and legitimate journalism anymore? All the reporters had to do — any one of them — was read the actual letter first posted by The Texas Observer. It is readily available on the Internet.

The truth is very different. The reporter misinterpreted the letter. maybe he has reading comprehension problems. As the agents stated, they want to improve their community relations and their image. They want at least some point of contact with humanitarian groups. There is confusion about what they do since the two disparate entities fall under one banner.

When they try to combat transnational crimes, the public thinks they hate immigrants and won’t help in the probes. It also affects bargaining, hiring, securing of resources, and more. ICE ends up wasting resources explaining what they do instead of setting up clear delineations.

Nowhere and at no time do they say anything about abolishing ICE.


Nineteen ICE agents asked that the Department of Homeland Security (of which ICE is a one) be split into two separate agencies. It would allow them to concentrate on the different DHS duties. On the one hand, they protect homeland security and on the other, they deport illegal aliens and potential terrorists.

In their letter to Secretary Nielsen, investigators with the Department of Homeland Security said the realignment would increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

ICE, they wrote, has become an agency with two distinct missions — enforcement/removal and transnational investigations. What they are asking for is synergy, not abolishment, and suggest two distinct agencies.

Whether one agrees or not, there is no mention of abolishing any aspect of their positions. While their ideas have merit, it would be dangerous in one way. When the Democrats [Socialists] take over, it would be so much easier for them to target and abolish the removal agency for partisan purposes.

It made for a good headline but it was fake news.

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