1st Nominees for The Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Award: Celebrating Chutzpah & Hypocrisy 


Within an hour of President Ronald Reagan nominating  Judge Robert Bork in July of 1987, Senator Ted Kennedy, he of deadly Chappaquiddick infamy, made a nationally televised speech dishonestly ranting: 

“Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists could be censored….and the doors of the Federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens.”

Given a number of Democrats, suffering with nasty, personal tacky issues, have followed, and maybe even doubled down on Teddy’s vile partisan playbook, it seems only right we honor their tribute to “The Swimmer” by nominating several for “The Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Award: Celebrating Chutzpah and Hypocrisy”.  

This is where Ted Kennedy, fighter for women’s rights, left MaryJo

Here’s the rouges gallery of nominees and a thumbnail review of each:

Keith Ellison – He’s a six-term Democrat member of the House of Representatives, serves as Deputy Chairman of the DNC, and is currently running to be the Minnesota’s Attorney General.  Keith has been, certainly by his own party’s non-standards, credibly accused of assault by former girlfriend Karen Monahan.  She’s documented her claims through medical records and tweeted, “Four people, including my supervisor at the time, stated that I came to them after and shared the exact story I shared publicly….”.  Ellison, while still running for chief law enforcement officer of his state, remains silent.
Diane Feinstein – She’s the ranking Democrat member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and has been a politician virtually her entire adult life. Lately Feinstein, in a tough re-election fight vs. a radical leftist, looks increasingly desperate to serve at least until she’s 91.  We’ve recently learned that Di-Fi has proven much better at keeping critical information from her Senate GOP colleagues, than, while chairing the Intelligence Committee, keeping info from a Chinese spy in her employ for 20 years.  She has little or nothing of substance to say about charges agains Ellison. 
Kirsten Gillibrand – This legislative lightweight is a feather in the political wind blowing in which ever direction she deems personally beneficial.  Since being named NYS senator, she traded her 100% NRA rating for an “F”, and more recently, after checking the #metoo weather vane admonished former big time supporters Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton.  It was just in time to shout her unequivocal support for Ms. Ford.  Gilly has made no such declaration on behalf of Karen Monahan.  
Dick Blumenthal – The “Stolen Valor Senator” from Connecticut claimed to be a Vietnam Vet, in spite of the fact he’d never left the United States.  After being publicly called on this lie, Dick finally claimed to have “misspoken” and not been “clear or precise” about his service record.  “I believe Dr. Ford….We have have every reason to doubt Judge Kavanaugh…” tweeted the not so honorable Stolen Valor Senator from the Nutmeg State. He remains mum on fellow Dem, Ellison. 
Chuck Schumer – The Sentinel documented this New York State Senator’s wholly different approach to investigations depending on the chosen target.  He blustered about putting Brett Kavanaugh under the FBI microscope while remaining mute over any such oversight into his wife’s role in a deadly New York City transportation disaster.  Chucky’s been rendered speechless re: Ellison.
Corey Booker – “Senator Spartacus” has suffered a pair of self inflicted wounds.  First, Corey favorably compared himself to that noble Roman slave, because he released documents already OK’d for public view.  Second, we learned the NJ lawmaker authored an auto-biographical account of him getting a young woman drunk and then roamin’ his hands all over her.  Given this kind of political tinnitus, Ellison should be thankful Booker has not addressed Ms. Monahan’s credible allegations.

So there are the nominees; all sporting the kind of easily provable noxious warts they’d love to hang on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with or without the benefit of a single piece of supportable evidence.

“The Swimmer” would be greatly pleased if anyone one these fake, phony, frauds was selected to receive “The Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Award: Celebrating Chutzpah & Hypocrisy”.   



  1. Any one of these highly qualified socialists would be excellent leaders for so many countries in need of collapse! We should recommend and chip in to pay for transportation to the country of their choice!!!!

  2. Fat Drunken Teddy is correctly quoted here as saying: ““Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions.” Were Teddy not currently sleeping it off on the lavatory floor in that Big Barroom in the Sky… or rather, IN THE PIT…. I might ask him whether he thinks where women would be more safe…


  3. The REAL deplorables!!! Impossible to pick the worst loser in this group of 6 losers… each has unique deplorable assets, and not one has any positive qualities… If I had to pick the most deplorable of the group on this particular issue it would be Diane Feinstein for sitting on the letter all this time… let’s tar and feather her while the others watch, just to put a little fear in their hearts (if they have one.) She should resign her office, she is soooo yesterday!

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