2 Abortionists Censured Pro-Life Advocate on Social Media


Last month, Facebook started limiting the reach of posts from pro-life organization Live Action and sending “fact-check” notifications to its followers warning that posts from the page were labeled as “False.”

Lila Rose, the pro-life advocate who founded and serves as President of the Live Action Network, posted a video they found false. In the video, Rose says that elective abortion is never medically necessary to save a mother’s life. It is not a medical treatment, she continued in the video.

Facebook limited her reach, claiming her comments were false. They informed 1,000 of her followers that she sent out false news.

After Facebook restricted Live Action’s page, The American Association of Pro-Life OBGYNs, which represents 2,500 medical experts, released a statement, which supports Rose and criticizes the decision of Facebook’s fact-checkers. It reads: “They are in error to claim that elective abortion is medically necessary to save the life of the mother.”

Lila Rose found that two of the “independent” fact-checkers who went through the posts are abortionists. They couldn’t be any more extreme.


Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Mike Braun, and Kevin Cramer sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demanding that the platform “immediately issue a correction, remove any restrictions placed on the pages of Live Action and Lila Rose, and submit to an external audit,” Reclaim the Net reports.

After the letter was sent, Rose tweeted that “in possible retaliation,” the Live Action Facebook page had been hit with a violation.

Rose later said Facebook representatives reassured her that the fact-checking system is being updated and the strikes would be removed from Live Action’s accounts. The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) released a statement saying that they would investigate the accusations of bias against the fact-checkers.

Hawley said that Facebook also told him it will restore Live Action’s and Rose’s posts. He noted Facebook asked the IFCN to investigate “how pro-abortion activists got certified as “neutral” fact-checkers.”

There were no apologies, however:

Abortionists are fact-checking for Facebook. Isn’t that just dandy.

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