2 Major Lawsuits Against the President Over Illegal Immigration


Nancy Pelosi is suing the President over his emergency declaration so he won’t get his wall. She can hold that up in court for years.

San Diego is suing the President, claiming he’s abandoning asylum seekers which is absurd, but it works with activist judges.

They are claiming all these illegal aliens are asylum seekers, although only about 10 percent turn out to be legitimate asylum seekers when they finally get their court dates.

The county officials are asking a judge to issue an injunction ordering the federal government to resume its “Safe Release” program which ended in October.

Restoring the program means the illegal immigrants will be flown or driven wherever they want to go within the United States, and it will be done at taxpayer expense. It will encourage even more mass migration, Angela Merkel style. The left wants to destroy our asylum laws.

It’s all about turning the country deep blue. They know these illegal immigrants will vote for Democrats.

Social media giants are silencing all voices of the right and painting all of the right-wing as evil racists. Americans won’t get the information they need to rise up.

The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra wants open borders. He said today that all the people coming are not criminals and can basically do whatever they want since, according to him, they didn’t commit any crimes.

All the Democrats feel the same way.

We will be a totalitarian one-party country soon. Too many Americans don’t care or don’t know what is going on.

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