2 Senators Propose Legislation to End Taxpayer-Funded Senate Pensions


Senators Rick Scott and Mike Braun introduced a bill to end taxpayer-funded pensions. Their message is to serve only. If it went through, which is unlikely, it would discourage these life-long positions. Even though people can vote them out, they don’t after all the goodies are handed out by the incumbent.

Both Freshman Senators say there should be no incentive for staying longer than a few terms. Currently, senators get lucrative pensions after only five years. There is nothing like that in the private sector.

The problem with ending it is only the rich would be interested in the job.

On the other hand, congresspeople are like royalty. They never leave and they are the elite. In addition, they grow rich while in Congress. The perks they receive are too grand, and, worse than that, they give themselves relief from laws such as insider trading and concealed carry.

The problem with this legislation and bills calling for term limits is the people who benefit from them would have to vote for them.

What do you think?

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5 years ago

The problem with this is that the majority of most senators’ pay comes in the form of bribes and kickbacks. Decent senators would be harmed the most.