20 – 50 Students Injured at Florida High School by Student, Many Killed


A shooting at a Florida high school has left 20 to 50 people injured or dead, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting started in one classroom at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School and was directed at one student. The teacher in that classroom was debriefed.

The student is in custody and was captured near the school [see video]. The suspect was allegedly online earlier looking at ways to build a bomb.

Senator Bill Nelson told Fox News many have been killed, according to Peter Doocy at Fox News. The school officials reported the same thing. A father said his daughter sent him photos of people dead in the classroom, but that was not confirmed.

The school, about 15 miles west of Fort Lauderdale, is a 9-12 school with over 3200 students.

Hospitals have been notified to expect many victims.

Authorities have not yet named the suspect but said he is believed to be a student who was in class earlier today at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

According to WSVN, the shooter was described as wearing a black hat, a maroon or burgundy colored shirt, and black pants. The person in the video below is wearing those clothes.

Aerial footage from WSVN showed a number of people lying on the ground outside the school, being treated for injuries and moved to ambulances.


The suspect has Instagram photos of gun groups he is associated with. This person was involved in a YouTube conversation about bombs.




  1. I suppose Fox 10 Phoenix must be contractually obligated to cover Fox national even when a local affiliate gives much better coverage. The one time I checked they had a “Politician – Democrat” asked by Shepherd Smith, the criminal, about what Congress should do.

    It Was rather curious of the local reporters’ reaction to a couple interviews. One parent mentioned something about turning the camera to the children and was quickly cut off and then cut away. In another instance a mother was starting to give the culprits name and was quickly shut down, which is interesting since his actual name is Hispanic, Latino or whatever.

    But, here we are again with one side talking about guns and the other giving condolences and No One asking or even making an effort to “understand” what it IS about so many young kids resorting to this kind of action. As a woman reporter mentions the scene was “TOO” graphic for television. Really. There is far more shown on those SAME TV channels that is under the banner of “entertainment”.

    In the not so distant past a person would have a life of crime before resorting to premeditated murder, or even murder in general. The cases where a psychotic individual would surface was extremely rare. In the cases of terrorists these are ones who have been indoctrinated with a lifetime of stimuli to provoke the desired responses. Therefore, shouldn’t we as a society examine whether or not an indoctrination of dystopian futures and extreme violence in its response as a cause, or at least a significant influence. Whether admitted or not there is most certainly an increasing amount of people who seem to be abnormal exhibiting aberrant behavior. There does seem to be some correlation between this behavior and the preponderant use of psychotropic drugs administered to a high percentage of the population.

    Will we, as a society, ever decide to come to terms with seeking the “root” cause of these horrific acts, OR will we continue to ignore it until such times it BECOMES the NORM.

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