20 Startling Photos of the EU Migration


The invasion of the EU by refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants, and jihadists is being called “migration”, normalizing the event, and the people invading are all being called “migrants”. The Austrian chancellor wants to erect a fence along the border but he calls it “technical security” because the word “fence” is verboten.

Slovenia is also threatening to build a fence and Angel Merkel, who expects at least a million migrants by December, is beginning to lose some standing in the polls.

It is an invasion and it’s predominately by men. There are no weapons necessary because the EU has its values. The politicians and many of the citizens in some of these EU nations care more about foreigners than their own people. The Arab nations that have the same culture and that have money won’t take any of these migrants in.

The photos give some idea of the extent of the migration which we hear little about in our media.


Hundreds of migrants line up to catch train in Macedonia

Pictures in the News: Gevgelija, Macedonian


migrants17 from houston chronicle

EU invasion


fleeing refugees

Migrants Cross Into Slovenia

Croatia Migrants


Pictures in the News: Edirne, Turkey





Migrants trying to register in Germany

Pictures in the News: Hegyeshalom, Hungary

refugees 1


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