2,000 a Day at the Border, “Unprecedented Crisis”, Dems Won’t Negotiate


While Democrats are planning their 100 exploratory hearings and lawsuits against everyone in the administration, 2,000 illegal aliens a day show up at the border. That’s a day, compared with 2,000 a week a month ago.

Amnesty International, a far-left organization, wants an immediate investigation of the use of tear gas by border agents on New Year’s Day. Rock throwers endangered the agents’ lives, and there is little concern for them. When are Democrats, the so-called humanitarians, going to start worrying about the fact that 65 percent of the multitudes coming are children — unaccompanied children?

Democrats dared to say today during a meeting at the White House that walls are medieval and don’t work. Who in their right mind would believe that?


ICE Director Vitello told Bret Baier today that it is an “UNPRECEDENTED CRISIS.”

Why is that so hard for Congress to understand and act?

Wednesday’s White House sit-down ended without any progress made in resolving the ongoing partial federal government shutdown that has persisted for 12 days, and one senior GOP official said Democrats didn’t seem interested in listening to what Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had to say.

“We do have a crisis on the border right now. We had a violent mob rush yesterday — we had a challenge there,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said outside the White House after the meeting, referring to the 150 migrants who were repelled by tear gas on New Year’s Day at the southern border. “The president has asked us to come back Friday, after the [House] leadership races, to try to get this all done.”

“I”m a little disappointed with, I would say, some on the other side,” McCarthy continued. “Once the secretary [of Homeland Security] started, Senator [Chuck] Schumer interrupted her, and they really didn’t want to hear it.”

They will meet again on Friday after Pelosi is installed.

Schumer and Pelosi are evil individuals who only care about themselves and the agenda. About 80 percent of the females are raped, and parents send them with birth control. Laws that allow this to happen are evil and have to stop.

Illegal immigration should not be a political issue. It’s insanity!


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