2009, Schumer Said We Must Act Against Future Waves of “Illegal Aliens”


Democrats know what should be done about the massive waves of illegal immigrants, but they have lost their way. They are acting out of political expediency and ideology instead of common sense.

It’s hard to believe Democrats have done a 180 on illegal immigration. Remember when Barack Obama said this:

How about when Chuck Schumer called them illegal aliens and said we shouldn’t call them undocumented. It sends the wrong message. That was before Barack Obama politicized illegal immigration. Watch the video, it’s hard to believe.

The Democrats haven’t said much about the caravan except to blame President Trump for it and claim the invaders are all wonderful people who should be allowed into the country.

The Democrat Party media has been very supportive of the fake refugees and they have portrayed them as innocents who must be allowed to come into the U.S. illegally. NBC, CNN, and others are encouraging them as they walk along with them.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos provides a good example of what the media has been doing. He’s vouching for every single illegal. Watch Jorge, the open borders reporter.


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