2013: Welcome to Barack Obama’s Orwellian World


Big Brother Barack
Big Brother?

The IRS scandal is the result of a planned systemic abuse of the rights of thousands of Americans. Whether you agree with conservatives and pro-lifers or not is irrelevant because you will be next if it suits their purpose.

Our government now uses massive bureaucracies to control and manipulate us. That is not conspiratorial. It is fact.

Sequester was used as an excuse for the president to shut down White House tours, lay off workers at the FAA, close control towers, cut doctor’s reimbursements for Medicare, shut Medicare cancer patients out of clinics, cut military tuition assistance for active-duty soldiers, release illegal criminals from detention onto US streets, and so on, to punish Americans for a slight cut to the increase in the growth of government spending.

Remember the government e-mail telling managers in APHIS to make the Sequester cuts as painful as possible? [Natural News]

The DOJ is casting wide nets with warrants to spy on the AP. Worse than that, they falsely portrayed a Fox News reporter, James Rosen, as a spy to monitor his phone records and the records of the Fox News Bureau. They even spied on Rosen’s parents.

The DOJ sued Arizona and other states for enforcing immigration law as it is written. They also sued states for requiring photo ID for voting.

The Department of the Interior is also using their power to abuse citizens.

Armed Fish & Wildlife agents raided the Gibson Guitar factory and confiscated a million dollars worth of guitar-making material they never returned. They claimed that Gibson was using illegal Indian wood for their fret boards even though officials in India provided documentation that the wood used was legal. An agent actually told the CEO that they wouldn’t be in trouble if they had foreign workers make their fret boards instead of US workers.

It is interesting to note that the CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, is a Republican donor. He is also in the sights of the lumber union.

There is still no reasonable explanation as to why Gibson, a great US company, was selected for this assault when other major guitar manufacturers use the same wood. [IS]

Fish & Wildlife has been instrumental in halting the Keystone XL pipeline by using meaningless ruses such as declaring common wildlflowers as endangered.

Fish & Wildlife is using a the Mississippi Gopher Frog as an excuse to control private lands. [Mississippi Gopher Frog]

The EPA has been terrorizing gas, oil and coal companies as well as individuals. They recently violated the Constitution to enforce the Clean Water Act in the case of an Idaho couple, Mike and Chantel Sackett. The Sacketts tried to build their dream home and the EPA falsely claimed the land was wetland. They then told them they had no judicial recourse. [Sacketts v. EPA]

The USDA is wasting billions of our dollars, with Obama’s approval, in the massive Pigford fraud. [Breitbart]

The Labor Department is abusing their powers. Obama’s recess appointments of the National Labor Relations Board were declared unconstitutional but that hasn’t slowed them down.

The Labor Department continues to bully small businesses with unreasonable demands. They want to unionize every business. They are now an arm of the labor unions. They are forcing employers to post large union notices and turn over employee contact numbers. [Breitbart]

The Labor Department is forcing rushed unionization.

The Education Department is pushing Common Core Standards which include the UN Bill of Rights instead of the US Bill of Rights in their history curricula. The Standards include national standardized tests which in effect nationalizes education despite the fact that it is unconstitutional to do so. The tests do an end-run around the Constitution.

Romney donors fear they were targeted by the IRS.

When Mitt Romney was in the throes of his campaign, Attack Watch’s ‘Keeping the GOP Honest,’ an arm of ‘Obama’s Organizing for America,’ posted defamatory information about fifteen Romney donors.

Businessman Frank Vandersloot, the CEO of Melaleuca, who was falsely accused by Attack Watch of being anti-gay, donated a million dollars to Romney. (Weekly Standard)  He was subjected to an IRS audit and a Labor department audit though he only went through one audit in the thirty years prior. His children were even audited.

When Bill Maher donated a million dollars to Obama, he was lauded for it, but Romney donors were vilified.

The IRS has targeted hundreds of conservative and religious individuals and groups. The response by top IRS officials is defiance, extraordinary arrogance, deceit, and forgetfulness.

Former commissioner Douglas Shulman couldn’t remember much of anything during the congressional hearing because he said he has been retired for a full six months! Steven Miller arrogantly proclaimed that he didn’t lie when he did obviously lie by omission. Lois Lerner took the Fifth and claimed she did nothing wrong as she did.

The response by the entire administration to every hot button issue has been to not remember a thing. We have a multi-billion dollar spy agency and no one in this administration can tell us a thing.

Holder got out of testifying about the AP records grab by saying he recused himself but he can’t find the forms in which he recused himself.

Obama is not responsible for anything because no one ever tells him a thing. He gets his information from newspapers. We had better keep the press free or Obama will know absolutely nothing.

Can you imagine a major incident in your workplace and no one mentioning it to the boss? That is what this administration would have us believe.

Holder can’t easily escape responsibility for the James Rosen records grab however because the warrant he signed is now public information.

Should Holder have to resign from his position, who will Obama get to replace him? Someone better? Not likely. Perhaps he will choose VanJones the Communist and his former adviser. Maybe George Soros will take the job. I hear Anthony Weiner, the Internet flasher, is looking for a job.

If the government officials want to act like the French royalty of 1789, perhaps they need to be treated that way – figuratively of course.

Our government has turned the tables on the citizens. Instead of working for us, we are marching to their orders. It’s all very Orwellian and Big Brother is watching you.


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