2020 Candidate says Trump’s a TRAITOR for not embracing global warming


Jay Inslee

A 0% 2020 Democrat candidate Jay Inslee told NBC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden that President Trump’s stance on global warming is “treason.” He’s running on climate change and the Green New Deal.

The President isn’t a traitor but Inslee is a fool. These fake science purveyors will no longer debate climate ‘science.’ Science, by the way, is a method, not a set of dogmas. These are the same people who don’t know what a male or a female is.

These dopes rely on the IPCC.

The IPCC First Assessment Report (AR) was published in 1990. In over 25 years they have not bothered to verify and validate their models. It is not a scientific organization, but a political faction attempting to extract money from the American public and the EU. [Also, verification and validation are a major problem with U.S. EPA models.]

Climate change ‘science’ is only based on models, and the models are faulty. The climate hysterics think they are talking about climate, but they are talking about the weather. These people can’t predict the weather a week in advance, but they think they can tell us the weather in 100 years.

Trump’s the first one to come along with any common sense on the issue.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

According to Politico, DNC, will not allow climate change to be debated in first debate.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

There is climate change, summer, spring, winter and fall, weather has been changing since the beginning of time before any machinery existed, this is nothing but wealth distribution schemes.