2020 Hopeful Julian Castro Will Let Everyone Into the Country


Julian Castro wants open borders. That’s always been clear. During last night’s Fox News town hall, before a hand-picked audience, Castro told host Martha MacCallum that it is not a crime to cross our borders illegally.

The only crisis he sees is the one caused by President Trump.

For all that nonsense, he received a round of applause.

Castro said that despite a 1929 law that made illegal entry a criminal offense, up until 2004 the U.S. treated it as a civil violation, and the problems we see today are because it is now being treated as a criminal offense.


“It was after we started enforcing it is a criminal violation that a lot of the problems that we see today, of this huge backlog of people in the country waiting in limbo, of the separation of little children from their parents and the detention and incarceration of these families,” he said.

Over 90 percent of illegals do not qualify for refugee status and 90 percent don’t show up for their court dates according to DHS. MacCallum stated that at the beginning of the event. However, neither she nor her co-host Bret Baier pushed back when he falsely claimed 98 percent show up for court dates.

He wants to reinstate the Obama family case management program — as cartels rent, buy, and steal children for the trip — to allow them all to settle while they await their court dates.

Castro later bloviated about all we do for border security when MacCallum said is there no one you won’t let in? She interrupted his attempt to evade the question to say there are 100,000 crossing the border illegally each month.

He then claimed our court system — which is six years behind in cases — is designed to handle that. Democrats have refused to add judges.

Castor’s mother is the famous LaRaza Rosie, a Reconquista. He says, and his mother would say the same, we need migrants more than ever. Castro claims it is to help the elderly.


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