2020 Hopeful Rep. Moulton Doesn’t See Why We Should Have Handguns


Rep. Seth Moulton (D., Mass.), a Democratic presidential candidate who isn’t even making it to the debate stage, said there should be a debate in the United States about whether ownership of handguns should be permitted during an interview with the New York Times.

What don’t these statists understand about not infringing on our inherent rights? They work for us but they rule as if it’s a monarchy.


The New York Times asked Moulton and other candidates whether anyone would own handguns in an ideal world.

“In an ideal world, we would not have weapons of war on our streets,” Moulton began. “That’s the bottom line. I’m someone who had to use guns. Every day in Iraq, I walked around with an assault rifle and a handgun at the very least. And so I’ve seen the destruction that guns can cause. So while I respect the Second Amendment there’s no need for weapons of war on our streets or in our schools. And I’ll use the credibility of someone who understands guns, who has used guns, someone, who can even say guns saved my life to fight to make our communities safer.”

What Moulton fails to understand is there is no ideal world and, to make it worse, they are letting criminals and terrorists into the country through our open borders. We need our guns, especially now that Democrats decided to become Socialists, and in some cases, Communists.

Moulton further declared in the interview that handguns have “caused deaths” in the country, and there should be a debate on whether people are allowed to have them.

“Well, look, that’s a discussion we should have and a debate we should have in the United States. The fact of the matter is handguns cause a lot of deaths around the country and we can have a good debate about whether they should be allowed to be free,” Moulton said.

Moulton added that assault rifles should be outlawed. It seems he thinks all guns, including handguns, are weapons of war.


“It’s like saying that we have a problem with fires, and so we should buy more matches,” Moulton said on CNN recently about arming certain teachers with guns.

A better comparison would be, we have a problem with gangs, suicides, evil people, and violent mentally ill people, and we need protection from them.

It is clear why there is no enthusiasm for Moulton’s presidency. He makes Sleepy Joe look like the energizer bunny.

I greatly respect his service but he is a bonehead.

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3 years ago

I can see that the man is a phony, from is facial expressions, gestures and words.

There has been a debate going on in this country about guns for a long time. He suggests a debate as if it is his original idea.

3 years ago

“handguns cause a lot of deaths around the country” …….yes and spoons and forks cause obesity, pencils cause mis-spelled words, I could go on and on, we have a societal problem, people are becoming more and more NUTS, and that includes members of congress like this idiot Seth Moulton, he took an oath to uphold the constitution of the U.S. and that includes SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, now get lost bonehead!!!!!!!!

John S
John S
3 years ago

Never heard of him. If he’s not in the debates, he must be polling less than 2%. And, as a combat veteran myself, I disagree with him. To say that guns have no place in our society, when that is a right, not a privilege, as enshrined in the First 10 Amendments, means that he opposes parts of the Bill of Rights that he doesn’t agree with. What next? Ban the First Amendment also?

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

He is an absolute idiot who lives in a mystical dream world, is he tripping on mushrooms or smoking too much legal pot?