2020 Hopeful Says US Must Donate to Worldwide Abortion to Save Earth


Bernie Sanders drew some harsh criticism when he said we should combat so-called overpopulation by funding abortion in poor countries (minority countries).

We now have another 2020 Democrat, Tim Ryan, responding to the question of overpopulation as a contributor to ‘global warming.’ The interviewer asked if we should do something about it.

His answer was basically the same as Bernie’s.

Tim Ryan says the United States should be involved in family planning efforts around the world to combat overpopulation. He made it about resources, not human lives, once held sacred.

These Democrats are social engineers who want to control the population of the entire world because the leftists among them decided it’s causing global warming.

We are now the Chinese who rip babies from the wombs of mothers and mandate how many children they can have.

How did we ever get to such an amoral place?

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