2020 Presidential Candidate Says the President Is Eligible for Execution


Bill Weld, who is running for the presidency, discussed executing the President for treason on MSNBC. He’s serious about Trump getting the death penalty and appears fairly insane with a stage 4 case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

As Rev. Franklin Graham said recently, Trump haters need to give it a rest.

Weld thinks a plea deal that lets the President leave office would be a “pretty good deal” for him in lieu of death.

It’s so odd to hear him talk about “lawlessness” and Trump “canceling elections” in the clip below. It is the President who is trying to bring the rule of law back and it’s his election that the left has tried to overturn since day one.



We can’t count on the media as watchdogs. They seek to topple the President.

The Washington Post has decided to blame the President for everything the left does. As Mollie Hemingway writes at the Federalist, we are watching “extreme bias and shrill outpouring of opinion” being passed off as news. Every single thing Ms. Travers says in this next tweet is what his opponents have done.

None of this is about President Trump, it’s about the followers who support traditional America. The New Democratic Party doesn’t want a prosperous nation of independent, self-reliant people. They want to take your money, pay all your bills, guarantee outcomes, and in exchange, you lose your freedom to your masters. The media has bought into this. To make it happen, Trump must go. He is simply in the way.


The men they really need to look at is Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and his partner, the once convicted Devon Archer. After the Ukraine deal with the vicious oligarch mobster, Archer cut ties with Hunter Biden, but they were in on other shady deals together.

For his part, John Kerry — Iran’s big supporter — is attempting to turn the attention back to Trump by pumping up the story about the fake whistleblower and the President’s alleged pressure campaign. If I wanted to be conspiratorial, I’d say the ‘whistleblower,’ who doesn’t qualify as a whistleblower according to CNN, might have come up with this story to quash the Biden-Ukraine story.

The former Secretary of State leveled slanderous claims against the president on Face the Nation Sunday, accusing him of “leveraging American foreign policy” and potentially “extorting” a foreign leader in the wake of a whistleblower complaint. The complaint alleged that Trump made a “promise” to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as he urged him to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Kerry also slammed Rudy Giuliani for his role.

The man who hangs with the Iranian terrorist/foreign minister Mohammad Zarif is “deeply concerned” about the President.


Ukraine is very corrupt and Hunter’s dealings are, in the least, very shady.

The left is concerned that the promise has to do with holding up military funding for Ukraine. The money was allocated by Congress by the end of August and the President allegedly didn’t release the funds until mid-September.

Our guess is he talked to the Ukrainian president about corruption in general and as it concerns Joe Biden, as he said. The guarantees of $1.8 billion Obama-Biden gave them seemed to disappear from PrivatBank into the thin air of laundered money.

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, worse than Nigeria according to Transparency International. When the President was discussing corruption in general and possible Biden corruption, he had every reason to do so.

President Trump has been very supportive of Ukraine. While Obama disarmed them and sent them blankets, leaving Russia to take control over one-fifth of the country, the President re-armed them and keeps Russia at bay. He just doesn’t want to give it up for more corrupt activities in our humble opinion.

That doesn’t mean the President wasn’t careless with his words or even said something inappropriate but the Ukraine foreign minister said there was no pressure put on the Ukraine President. And here we have the media lying about the President and a presidential candidate calling for his execution.

The President is being hammered and he’s defending himself. No such questions are asked of the Bidens.

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