2300 Illegal Alien ‘Children’ Sent to Nassau and Suffolk Counties


Mercy First

More than 2300 illegal alien children have been sent to Nassau and Suffolk counties. That is more than any other county in New York State.

It is not known how many illegal alien adults have also been sent to Long Island. The transparent government has kept it a secret and our politicians don’t care.

On July 26, the Feds paid a Long Island nonprofit – Mercy First (photo above) – $4.1 million to house illegal immigrant children, but there is no available information on that or whether other shelters received children. This morning, WCBS reported that 2300 illegal alien children have been almost equally divided between Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.

Nassau is a predominantly Republican county and Suffolk is barely Democrat-dominant. The influx will eventually affect this political balance.

Many of the areas receiving these children – which includes gang youth – are being sent to Red states and Red counties that will bear the financial burden.

The two counties are receiving more illegal alien children than any other county in New York State and in all of the five boroughs, WCBS reported.

The claim is that it won’t cost the counties any more money. That is untrue since these children, who receive free medical, dental, clothing, food, lawyers, and an income, will be educated in Long Island schools. The schools on Long Island will have to pay to educate these youngsters and the counties will contribute to their care.

Having worked with illegal alien children in several Long Island school districts, I can say with certainty that an overwhelming number need expensive special education.

Nassau and Suffolk are considered “rich suburbs”. Mr. Obama has nothing but contempt for the suburbs and has a long-range plan to make Long Island into one whole with all tax revenue going into one broad pot to be redistributed from the wealthier areas to the poorer ones. Our congressmen, particularly Tim Bishop, are behind this movement through Vision Long Island.

Obama and his Progressive soldiers in government have orchestrated, through HUD, mandates requiring new multi-family housing to always include a large percentage of section 8 housing. You could end up renting a $3,000 a month apartment which houses welfare recipients, but, don’t worry, they have their own entrance. You can read about Obama’s planned destruction of the suburbs on this link.

If you protest any of this, you are labeled a racist. Full acceptance of illegal immigration to include redistribution is the only acceptable alternative.

Some of the youths or ‘children’ coming across our borders are already hardened criminals and gang members. Many illegals lie about their age. Border Patrol says gang youth and criminals are all being released into the communities if they have only committed their crimes in their home country. It is not known if that is the case on Long Island.

Illegal alien children?

From Long Island City to Montauk, there are now one-and-a-half million Latinos living on Long Island. They have become a powerful political force fighting for legally ending any and all rhetoric demonizing immigrants; preventing any legislation that in their view results in profiling immigrants; and they want full integration of legal and illegal immigrants.

Americans classify all the people from Mexico, Central American and South America as Latinos and Hispanics rather than calling them Americans.  It’s caused tremendous divisions.

Long Island is a very segregated area unfortunately. The drug problem is extremely serious and is plaguing the middle class and wealthy areas as well as poorer areas. The drugs, especially heroine, are believed to originate in Mexico and Central America but it’s Americans selling it on campuses.


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7 years ago

how many libtards have YOU come across that are married ,not that this was ever a barrier, but married with either ONE child or NONE and adding that “I can’t AFFORD MORE” all the while NEVER GRASPING THAT THEY ARE SUPPORTING MILLIONS dropping their anchors ?
and YES we have to speak RACE as the white race is aborting etc while illegals, legal islamics of all races are having THEIR kids, raising their decent sized families ALL WHILE using WIC foodstamps and medicaid…..and the white yuptards have none,1 and their pets….and ARE PAYING for the others.

as for this article stating Long Island IS mainly repub ? HOW ?
illegals have been there decades already ALONG WITH THE CRIMEwave.
soWHERE are these reps ALLOWING THIS ?
are the TAXPAYERS this uninformed ?
THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE and ride the arses of THEIR elected representation and get things DONE.
now doNOT misunderstand ME-
after 911, inventory should HAVE BEEN DONE and all and any NOT HERE LEGALLY should have been sent OUT on their dime after having ALL FREEBIES suspended–oooh boy they’d be gone damn fast AND this nation should have returned to SPONSORED ENTRY ONLY–case closed.
Sponsored entry WORKED FINE and geeee whiz, WHEN the laws were enforced they WORKED FINE as well.

AMERICA and THE legal…. tax paying.. FEE PAYING entrants HAVE HAD ENOUGH of this crap.
G_d bless Donald Trump who IS NOT OWNED by them, and IS SPEAKING THE TRUTH of what WE RANT daily.

7 years ago
Reply to  elvira