24 “White Nationalists” All over MSM, Return of 55 Korean War Vets, Not So Much


Comparing this weekend’s mainstream media’s wall to wall coverage of two dozen “White Nationalists” milling about Washington D.C., to reporters mostly ho-hum reaction regarding the return of 55 coffins carrying the remains of Korean War Veterans is troubling, but not shocking.  

It offers a disturbing snapshot of what most of today’s journalists decide is big news.  Unsurprisingly, in overwhelming numbers, they primarily base their decisions on which story will do the most damage to President Donald Trump.  

In this particular case, contrast the saturation coverage of a couple dozen irrelevant racists, with the mostly MIA analysis of fifty-five heroes, who’d made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, and were finally being brought home.

Breathless reporting on White Nationalists, no matter how pathetically weak their turnout, gave the biased media an opportunity to make a nothing burger into a vastly oversized story focused on racism.  The inflated hyping was designed to create a splash and whenever possible make connections, no matter how outrageous, between Trump and white supremacists.  

But things were dramatically different when Little Rocket Man moved on his promise to begin sending back Americans lost in battle some 65 years ago.  It was the kind of memorable, consequential, heart-tugging, historic event that had “The Donald’s” fingerprints all over it, and therefore needed to be muffled.  Certainly relative to D.C.’s, essentially unremarkable event, it was.  

So, after over six decades of the media lamenting the Korean conflict as the “Forgotten War” how do they respond when there’s a genuine opportunity to put the dramatic, remarkable journey of 55 American, flag-draped caskets front in center for any number of days?  They demurred, leaving those heroes of that Forgotten War, forgotten once more; maybe once and for all.

It’s really quite contemptible.  

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