25 Democrats Seek to Declare Trump Incompetent, Impeach Him, Over Tweet Jokes


This is rich. The Democrats and the media want to see Trump declared incompetent and then impeached because they think his tweet jokes proves he’s crazy.

Twenty-five House Democrats have signed on to a bill seeking President Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment.

Of course, taking photos of yourself holding a decapitated Trump head isn’t crazy at all. Violently killing Trump in a Shakespearian play is oh so normal. Parading around in masks and waving ISIS-like flags, tormenting police makes people patriots. We’re just saying’.

Rep. Raskin

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democratic congressmen from Maryland, emailed his colleagues to support the bill for the “security of the nation”. His bill calls for an “oversight” commission that could declare Donald Trump incapacitated and push for his removal.

In order for this bill to work or any effort to invoke the 25th Amendment to work, Mike Pence would have to agree.

Lot’s of luck with that.

“In case of emergency, break glass,” Raskin told Yahoo News. “If you look at the record of things that have happened since January, it is truly a bizarre litany of events and outbursts.”

What’s really bizarre is that Americans keep voting in these congressmen who never accomplish anything. They are sanctimonious and self-righteous, but effective, not so much.

And it’s perfectly normal for Johnny Depp to talk about killing Trump and for Madonna to talk about how she wants to burn the White House down. Not much from the press and the Democrats on the abuse and threats to the President.

Trump’s recent tweets about Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski seem to have stirred the obstructionist Democrats to action. They won’t act on the healthcare system they are responsible for ruining, but they will act on hurting the President.

For some of us, Trump’s tweets are at times cringeworthy, but that doesn’t make him crazy. After 8 years of Obama and his PC police, Trump’s jokes are a relief to some.

Trump’s son Donald Jr. described his father as a blue collar billionaire and that’s who he is. He jokes very differently from the left.

Our former president met the left’s standards apparently but he also began our transformation into a Socialist hellhole.

No one seemed to mind Obama’s bawdy behavior.

To most women, what you see in the clip is very rude and disrespectful though the press pool seems to think it’s funny.


The reaction is crazier than any of the tweets

Pelosi called the Trump-Mika tweet sexist but there’s nothing sexist about saying Mika was bleeding from her facelift. It’s too bad he tweeted that but the man has been brutalized by those two MSNBC hosts for months.

Trump followed that tweet up with a comic WWE clip of him wrestling while wearing a business suit. As the wrestling went on with Trump the obvious winner, CNN’s logo kept flashing on.

Chill guys, it’s a joke.

It has the elitist media going wild, but once you realize the media is the Democratic Party, it all makes sense.

The responses were immediate and failed to accept the humor of it after months of late-night comics not-so-humorously ripping into Trump in the most vile ways imaginable.

Conservative radio host Joe Walsh tweeted, “shame on you sir”. Jim Acosta of CNN, often called their fake news reporter, tweeted isn’t “pro-wrestling fake”? to which an endless stream of people and the President tweeted back, “like your news coverage,

Ann Navarro said Trump’s rhetoric will lead to a reporter being killed. Funny since the only ones getting hurt are Republican congressmen. The media gave that little play. Many blamed guns and the victims themselves.

Carl Bernstein said Trump’s Mika tweet is a “definitive statement” of Trump’s mindset that should disturb every American.

Carl, it was a joke.

Where are these people when Fareed Zakaria is calling the play depicting the violent stabbing death of Donald Trump a “masterpiece”?

Truly crazy and always-eventually-fired Keith Olbermann heads up a show called the Resistance. It is the communist version of a real “resistance”. He is demanding the 25th Amendment be invoked.

Brian Stelter, CNN’s rabid anti-Trumper, compared Trump to Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin over his harsh media criticisms during a PRIVATE fundraiser this past week. Trump asked donors if he should sue CNN and called the CNN staff “horrible human beings.

CNN never lets up and he doesn’t either. The media in general tears Trump apart daily, mocking him throughout the world, but that’s okay.

Stelter said, “Is this president trying to impersonate Hugo Chavez, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin? Because this is exactly the kind of language that leaders use when they are trying to undermine the press.”

That’s not crazy at all, we say sarcastically.

The press began by undermining him and they’re not used to anyone trampling on their lofty selves. They undermine themselves in reality.

The Democrats are serious

Rep. Raskin was asked about Trump’s Mika/Joe tweets and he said,”I assume every human being is allowed one or two errant and seemingly deranged tweets. The question is whether you have a sustained pattern of behavior that indicates something is seriously wrong.”

Rep. Al Green (d-TX) called for impeachment and Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) has circulated articles of impeachment.

In conclusion, what do they think they are going to impeach him for? He hasn’t done anything to merit that. They will make fools of themselves. And, frankly, they look insane these days.

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6 years ago

The Reporters Committee gave their condemnation also. I sent a comment and within Five minutes it was erased.

WHAT Statement.

Why is it people on the left have NO sense of humor since that is Exactly what this is all about.

The media would like to be part of the “Sympathy Culture” which is one they themselves have created and has worked to benefit those who it is lauded upon. How can there be any sympathy when the one who is complaining is in actuality the bully on a daily basis.

We know WHO the bullies are by the lack of “sympathy” for those who Have suffered at the hand of violence, Real AND Simulated. These violations have been sponsored And promoted as art.

What is Not in dispute is the hysteria promulgated by media organizations and pundits and politicians against only one side of the spectrum. There is a parallel to this generated hysteria and hatred. It is the same tactics and methods used by leaders in the Jihadist movements in order to create enough hatred to spur violent reactions.

The bloody severed head of Trump, displayed by a comedian, is the culmination of an ISIS inspired video which was not condemned. In like manner the live-action assassination of a President was also celebrated. Acts such as these are celebrated by groups as ISIS and others. In fact, the bloodied severed head of Trump was much More graphic than real life.

We should be asking ourselves whether or not media organizations want to be identified as an archetype of murderous organizations. When this is perpetrated hour by hour, day by day the result will be the demise of the country and no doubt media will attempt to exonerate themselves once again. I find it disconcerting that this subject is SO important to the media yet what is important and necessary to the public is ignored.

Those in media attempt to convey an instability in the President but an analysis would show the literal obsessive nature of the media is more likely a sign of instability. It would appear to be an almost anti-social behavior. If anything, at least those who mimic the news have and continue to exhibit anti-social behavior by rioting and attacks.

Therefore will all those in the media who now complain begin to disavow the actions they have inspired and instigated.