26 Killed In Two Tragic Events – You Know About ONE!


There were two tragic, deadly events this past week and one of them made headlines everywhere and will continue to do so for weeks to come.  The other, not so much, despite the fact that more people were killed and several more are “very seriously” injured and could add to the death toll.

The story we’ve all heard about over and over and over is, of course, the shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado where 12 innocent citizens were shot to death.  The second deadly tragedy took place in south Texas where 14 people died, including two young children, when a pickup truck, grossly overloaded with 23 illegal immigrants, went off the road and struck two trees.

In both cases it’s believed that homicide charges will be brought.  In each case, just one person is currently facing criminal charges.

26 people killed and two men possibly facing the maximum sentence allowed by law. So why aren’t we seeing, hearing and reading fairly equal amounts about these two cases?  Why is one case the top story at every news outlet and the other practically forgotten already?

You know the answer. So do I.

One alleged killer used firearms to murder 12 people, while the other alleged killer used a pickup truck.

So when can we expect a nationwide, grassroots movement to ban pickup trucks?

We all know the answer to that question, too. Never.

That, in a nutshell, is a classic example of how what’s sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander.  Those with a political agenda to eradicate the Second Amendment will latch on to almost anything they can find involving guns to advance their cause.  I say almost anything  because you probably won’t hear much about the next story, either.


Dozens of other shoppers COULD have become victims, but an armed citizen stepped up and prevented that from happening. And notice how many times that armed citizen fired his weapon.  That’s right – Zero times.

Somehow, I doubt this story will be plastered across the airwaves on this evening’s newscasts, nor will it make the front page of your favorite birdcage liner. It’s just not politically convenient.


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