2nd Comey Transcript Is Out! Big Takeaway Is He’s a Snake


The GOP released the 2nd transcript of Jim Comey’s interview with the House Intelligence Committee [read below]. After two days of hearings, Comey said he doesn’t recall or can’t say over 500 times.

The big takeaway from the Comey interview with the House Intelligence Committee, part 2, is that Comey likes to parse words so he can deceive but never be cornered for lying. He also admitted Clapper told him to brief the President about the dossier [and then it leaked].

Consider his interesting exchange with Trey Gowdy. Mollie Hemingway put up a good summary in a series of tweets.

Trey Gowdy asked Comey about his memo regarding a meeting with Reince Priebus on 2/8/17. His answer was fascinating. First, let’s recall memo says Priebus wondered what was up with the bizarre briefing of the pee tape and dossier and how everything was leaking to the press.

I’ll personally note the clumsy briefing of false/silly dossier items had to feel like blackmail to the incoming administration even before it was immediately leaked to compliant media. Anywho, Priebus asks if FBI is leaking and seems to have a real concern about it.

So that’s the context for the next line. Which is: “He then asked me if this was a ‘private conversation.’ I replied that it was.” Trey Gowdy asked him about this and Comey’s answer is so slippery and on-its-face ridiculous that it’s really something.

Comey, who was yesterday pontificating on rule of law, says when he assured Preibus that a conversation he was planning to memorialize for various reasons (including to enable leaking to compliant media) was private, he just meant that the two guys were talking alone in a room.

Comey is a snake. He’s the one who only spoon fed the most minimal information to the President about the fake dossier. Even though his position called for him to alert the President to any national security issues concerning Mike Flynn or Paul Manafort, he failed to do so.

Dianne Feinstein was told she had a Chinese spy working for her for years and John McCain was warned about his Russian connections. President Trump received no such consideration.

We also got confirmation that Clapper ordered Comey to brief the President on the fake Steele dossier. That then went to CNN and Clapper got the gig at CNN. That provides backup for the claim Clapper pushed Comey to do this to get the dossier leaked.

During the questioning, Comey explained from his perspective that he broke protocol because he wanted to know why the then-National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was lying about his interactions with Russians during the transition. Flynn made false statements to Vice President Pence who then repeated them in public, attributing them to Mike Flynn.

After the hearing today for Michael Flynn, Sarah Sanders says the FBI broke protocol when interviewing Michael Flynn: “James Comey told us that … the only reason that they did it, it was the Trump administration and they thought they could get away with it.”

Everything Mrs. Sanders says in this brief clip is absolutely correct. Comey is a sly dodger.

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