2nd Leftist Democrat Comes Out in Favor of Terrorist BDS Movement


This next story is disgusting. Another far-left Democrat has come out in favor of boycotting Israeli goods, claiming Israel is occupying Palestine. Palestinian Rashida Tlaib has joined Ilhan Omar to publicly say she supports Boycott. Divestment and Sanctions.

Like Omar, she didn’t bother to say anything until after the election.

BDS wants to starve Israelis economically for purported injuries they inflict on the terrorist Palestinians led by Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank.

“I personally support the BDS movement,” Tlaib said during an interview with The far-left Intercept published on Monday.

BDS is growing on college campuses which have become the incubators for communism in the United States.

Jewish students are being abused on college campuses. There is no reason for this except unbridled, mindless hate from the extremists in this country. The middle in America has to get off their haunches and start speaking up.

BDS came out of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), and they are still pushing it. SJP has been linked to the Islamic terror group Hamas. Moreover, The U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, the American umbrella group of the BDS movement has reportedly given money to terrorist organizations like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.


The lunatic haters on campuses are also voting to end study abroad in Israel, to isolate them and make them pariahs.

Those of us who really do hate prejudice must start speaking out. This is wrong and it’s evil.

We don’t like Ilhan Omar at the Sentinel. She appears to have married her brother while married to someone else. And we don’t like Rashida Tlaib. Both are liars who are in their roles in Congress to overthrow all that we stand for. They have no regard for the United States as it is

Omar has said she plans to transform our government. What she didn’t tell you is she plans to turn us into the hellhole she left. These broads are birds of a feather, along with Alyssa Pressley, Pramila Jayapal, and Alexandria O-Cortez. They’re communists, fascists, socialists, whatever name you prefer.

For those of you who are unbelievers, try going to one of their Communist meetings and listen to the members talk all starry-eyed about communism — their utopia.

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