3 arrested for water attacks on police, all released already, 2 without bail


“Isaiah Scott and Chad Bowden, the Harlem men charged with soaking a female civilian on July 21 near the scene of that neighborhood’s water-bucket attack, walked free without bail late Wednesday at Manhattan criminal court,” the New York Post has confirmed.

This is why the police do nothing and just walk away. They have no support from the courts, Mayor Sandanista Bill de Blasio, or the far-left city council. New York City is suffering under Progressive leadership.

The NYC Mayor is considered to be one of most (if not the most) anti-cop mayors in the city’s history.

“The de Blasios paint a grim picture of an America where racist cops lurk on every corner, lying in wait to execute innocent black men. Meanwhile, on Planet Reality, men and women in blue give their lives to protect and serve on increasingly lawless streets,” conservative commentator Michelle Malkin noted in a column this week.

“The men, ages 23 and 28, were hit with charges including criminal mischief and harassment because the water destroyed the female victim’s cellphone, prosecutors allege.”

Wednesday was the same day that the two were taken into custody.

A third suspect, an alleged Crips gangbanger who was involved in a water attack in Brooklyn on June 20, was also released, but only after reportedly posting a teeny $3,500 bail.

“Courtney Thompson — who in addition to being a purported member of the crew’s Fresh Gangstas subset is the son of a Department of Correction captain — ruined the officer’s body camera with his alleged stunt, according to court papers,” the Post notes.

The attacks began in Atlanta and spread to Brooklyn, Harlem and The Bronx.

Meanwhile Thursday, detectives detained two suspects in a third caught-on-video drenching that went down in The Bronx, according to police sources.

A Bronx man was arrested in a water bucket attack in the Bronx.

There have been three alleged water bucket attacks. The last one in the Bronx is outrageous.

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