3 Days After Mass Murders, CNN Compares President to Stalin & Lenin


The media keeps pushing the lie that President Trump called the press the enemy of the people. The truth is that he called “fake news” the enemy of the people. The hate is coming from them and this is why no one can trust them.

The President has addressed it numerous times.

Reporter Ryan Saavedra also addressed it.


Fake news is very dangerous. It is manipulation, deceit, and leads people to come to the wrong conclusions. We are three days out from a vicious mass murder and CNN is comparing the President to Lenin and Stalin, among other mass murderers. They are cagey though and at the end, CNN’s Avlon says they aren’t saying Trump is Lenin or Stalin — all while comparing him to them.

Stalin is the buzzword. Chris Cuomo’s using it too.

This is vile and meant to stir hate and fear, something they constantly accuse the President of doing.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of CNN the most. They are so consumed by hatred for the President, his followers, and the agenda, that they don’t even see it.

The President did not violate the Constitution nearly a dozen times as did Barack Obama; he doesn’t walk around with a pen and phone; he isn’t appointing judicial tyrants as Obama did; he gives to Congress and to the states what is theirs; he doesn’t have open borders policies because he respects U.S. sovereignty, and the list goes on.  In terms of healthcare, he’s trying to avoid the Democrat plan for Soviet-style health care.

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