3 Hacks Want to Imprison Trump After He Leaves Office


Jerrold Nadler, Eric Swalwell, and Ted Deutch, three very far-left thugs, are trying to pass a bill to freeze the statute of limitations on crimes for Presidents. It’s another threat and an effort to circumvent the Constitution.

This is an attack on the rights of the accused. Statutes of limitations exist for a reason. They want to eliminate the President’s right. They’re like war lords. The Democrat war lords.

These three Democrats are like third world thugs and they want to make sure a courageous Republican never again runs for the presidency.

The three unpopular leftists call it the, ‘No President is Above the Law Act.’ It’s just another baseless attack. These three want to keep up the lie that the President committed crimes even after Robert Mueller and his army of Democrats could find a crime with which to charge him.

The entire bill is based on a lie. A President can be indicted in office, especially for a felony.

These three don’t want the abuse to end. Swalwell tweeted, “If we can’t indict presidents for crimes while they’re in office, they can run out the clock.” He added that no one, including realDonaldTrump, is above the law.

Nadler said, “No person can be permitted to evade accountability for their actions just because they happen to be President,” said Chairman Nadler. “I have concerns with the Justice Department interpretation that a sitting president cannot be indicted, but if that is the policy, a president who commits a crime before or during their term in office, could exploit this loophole and avoid prosecution just because the statute of limitations has run out. This is unacceptable. The presidency is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

Deutch said much the same thing.

Basically, they want to imprison the President now or later. They want him to feel threatened and they want to change the law to suit their purposes.


They’re doing the same thing to Attorney General Bill Barr.  They’re sullying his name with lies.

Dan Bongino went over three news stories this week and in number three, he hit the contempt charge on Bill Barr. It’s funny. Go to 1:31:

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