3 High School Athletes File a Discrimination Suit Over Transgender Athletes


Three female athletes in a Connecticut high school have filed a federal discrimination complaint against a statewide policy on transgender athletes, saying it has cost them top finishes in competitions and possibly college scholarships, The Hartford Courant reports.

It’s about time. If women don’t do something, this policy will destroy women’s’ sports.

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed the lawsuit with the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.

Biological males competing against women is unjust, period.

CeCe Tefler

In May, A biological male — Franklin Pierce University runner CeCe Telfer — won an NCAA national championship.

Telfer made history as the first publicly out transgender woman to win an NCAA track title. The Franklin Pierce University senior beat out the competition May 25 in the NCAA Division II women’s 400-meter hurdles in Kingsville, Texas. She won by more than a second, with a personal collegiate-best time of 57.53.

“And there are people who say I have the benefit of testosterone,” Telfer told Outsports. “But no: I have no benefit. I’m on hormone suppression, it doesn’t help. It’s another disadvantage. Cis women are producing more testosterone than the average trans female.

Until January 2018, CeCe competed as a man named Craig.

This is the truth about Craig Tefler:

2016: ranked 200th

2017: ranked 390th

2018: transitioned to female

2019: identifies as CeCe Tefler and become National Champion.


  • There has to be a limit to the gender confused crazies who want to validate their mental illnesses,Hopefully, the courts will put an end to this travesty and restore a semblance of sanity to women’s sports.

  • I don’t care what drugs you are taking to do what to whatever, you are NOT a female. Never will be. Sorry. Go and start the Tranny Games or something.

  • I am enjoying seeing feminists and lesbians versus transfreaks. Good stuff. Like when two bullies fight each other, everyone wins!

  • Hey S.Noble…as the author of this article…you use the pronoun she when discribing the tranny who is a male biologically. Why are you playing the leftist game of confusion. Leftists demrats have brought this upon the America…let’s see how this plays out when informed women start speaking out against this garbage.

  • This insane jerk must have decided that if he could not compete successfully against men then he must be a female. That the LibTards would cater to this insanity demonstrates how crazed they have become. Ce Ce and his supporters need to be sent to asylums where shock treatments can be applied, and if that does not work lobotomies.

  • Male athletes who are not good enough to win competitions with other more talented male athletes can now claim to be girls, knowing boys are physically stronger and faster than girls—which gives them a big advantage in girls’ sports. Even the Olympic Committee has caved and is allowing transgender males to compete as females. That is not fair to real female athletes who are born female. Chromosomes will not change gender just because a guy decides to be a woman. His chromosomes remain those of a male. This rampant transgenderism is is leftist nonsense, and accepting it is not tolerance but craziness. Celebrities are now proudly encouraging their young children to be “gender-fluid”. That’s sick. And banning personal pronouns like ‘he’ and ‘she’ and other gender-specific terms is ridiculous. This Satanic gender confusion by leftists is evil and a blight on humanity. Nothing good will come of it.

  • good for them. its absolutely ludicrous to allow males with mental disorders that just say they identify as women to compete in womens sports. i agree with the poster above Roha, xx chromosones are needed to qualify.

  • women are women, males who want to pretend to be women are in need of mental health care. the poster above is correct,only xx qualifies in womens sports.