3 Million Illegal Aliens Voted in the Presidential Election


The founder of Voters Trust and Jump Vote, Gregg Phillips, has been addressing the claims of rampant voter fraud which were made before the election, some by Hillary Clinton’s own team and recorded secretly by investigative reporter James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. Just because Hillary lost, it doesn’t mean her party and her team didn’t try to win by cheating.

It is especially important to know now that the Democrats are claiming Hillary will win the popular vote. They are using that as the reason the electoral college must be abolished.

Gregg Phillips has verified that there were more than 3 million votes cast by illegal immigrants in the past election. Foreigners, foreign criminals, might have swayed our election. They are people who have no stake in our country’s well-being or knowledge of its founding.

If Hillary Clinton lost the election by two million votes, people need to know that. If Democrats are encouraging lawless behavior, we need to know that.

The Department of Justice has sued the states for following immigration law. For example, Arizona was sued for arresting people here illegally who committed violations or crimes, and in Florida, they were sued for attempting to remove dead people or ineligible people from the voter rolls. Those were apparently reasons for the Obama administration to sue states with our tax dollars.

Mr. Phillips has joined with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote to address this issue and possibly sue. Catherine Engelbrecht suggests a Citizens Election Commission.

You might also be interested in here testimony before Congress.

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  1. So what can we do? Is there any way to have a non partisan group count the votes, possibly ON CAMERA so we can show the extent of corruption on the DNC side? This shouldn’t be ignored!

  2. HA, HA, HA, well crybaby media and democrats, now you know how Hillary got the Popular your all shitting your pants about. take out Illegal votes and trump wins popular and electoral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Compared to the millions that were deceased that voted Obama?? And the thousand of felons allowed to vitr in THAT election??? I’d say give it a rest!!!

    • No, Jen Hale, you do not give it a rest! You fight until all of those responsible have been punished to the fullest extent of the law or they are dead. Shame on you for telling people to just roll over and take it!

  4. I hope and pray to our only hope, our God Almighty, that this precious woman, Catherine Engelbrechts, is protected from the United States Government so she is free to help return the Government back to the people. Catherine, I hope and pray our new president elect and what is left of our government finds a way to uses you for “we-the-people.” It is unfortunately a probability that Romney lost the 2012 election to voter fraud.

  5. Just so you all know… nothing on this webpage counts as a fact or evidence.

    Both James O’Keefe and Catherine Engelbrecht use entrapment tactics to fit their twisted world view. For example, the acorn scandal …it was found out that the video from o’keefe was doctored.

    I am not sure how and why people will believe anything someone tells them , just because they call themselves “patriots” or “conservatives”. This is a form of brainwashing of America that is extremely frustrating because it is so obvious that these people don’t really care about this country’s best interest, but instead have a nefarious financial and personal agenda they want to push to the public.

  6. Respectfully – I have become interested in this claim that 3 million illegals voted in this election. What I have found in researching this claim is that the only information that has been made publicly available is simply the claim. Nothing more. I, and many, many Americans, would be interested in actual evidence showing how this 3 million number is derived. Any claim of this magnitude should be subject to scrutiny, and any findings based upon research should be independently reproducible.

    The 2016 campaign has been a horrible campaign with incredible claims of fraud and malfeasance from all sides. We deserve to know if any of these claims are true, and the path to that is through evidence substantiating these claims. Unsubstantiated claims simply serve to reduce the trust in the organization making the claim, and has resulted in historically low trust by the general population in all news outlets and research organizations.

    Please offer something more than a tweet from “Gregg Phillips” as substantiation. 140 characters is far removed from a proper audit trail to substantiate such a claim.

    • I agree about the lack of factual information, other than this greg person has completed an audit of 180 million voters and found three million registered that are ineligible. However, I will give you two easily verifiable bits of information: 1) California came right out and said they were going to allow illegals to vote, and they are certainly among states with the largest population of illegals. 2) On election day, there were many reports describing buses full of Hispanics traveling from precinct to precinct in California. It would be hard to imagine there were no illegal votes in that state when the state government told them to go ahead. Also Virginia, where the governor actually bypassed a process in place to give special consideration to felons to allow them to vote after a personal review of each set of circumstances. The governor, a long time Clinton supporter and guarantor of their mortgage in Chappaqua, used an auto pen to declare (clearly a lie) that he had looked over each account. About 600,000 people cleared to vote that had no place in the system legally.
      Additionally, we know that in several states, just as in 2012, voting machines were found to be changing votes –only in one direction–turning republican votes to democrat. I don’t know (and it is important) how they arrived at 3 million, but it is important to note Hitlery originally was claimed to have won by 600,000 votes, and now they have her up to 2 million–while Trump’s total has not increased by any, at least in California and perhaps elsewhere. These are compelling statistics.

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