3 Outrageous Lies from the Swamp And It’s Only Thursday


Maxine Waters, JoyAnn Reid, and Stoneman resource officers rose from the swamp to tell some cringe-worthy lies this week. These people were unabashed and unashamed.

Auntie Maxine, Democrat ‘Rock Star’ told one crazy lie this week. Even the left-wing reporter wasn’t buying it. At first, she tried to minimize it by laughing. It gave her time to come up with this nonsense that follows.

In an interview Monday night on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” Waters was confronted with a clip of one of her own statements declaring during the presidential transition period that the then-FBI director was without any credibility:

“All I can tell you is the FBI director has no credibility,” she said.

“You and Donald Trump do agree on that,” Hayes said Monday. “That sentence you said that, ‘the FBI director has no credibility.’ You and Donald Trump are in agreement on that.”

Waters couldn’t let that stand so she lied her way out of it — badly:

“I’ve tried to clarify that and to say, yes, coming out of that classified briefing, I said that, and I certainly meant it,” she told Hayes. “However, I think it is quite different when you take a look at Comey and his relationship to the president, what he said, what he’s done. I believe him.

“Then is then, and now is now.”


Joy Reid once had a blog and on that blog, The Reid Report, she made some anti-gay remarks. Four months ago, she apologized. She had a change of heart and decided to lie but was caught!

Reid said anti-Trump homophobes hacked the archived posts on her blog and put those homophobe posts up.

The nonprofit internet library, the Wayback Machine, on Tuesday challenged MSNBC host Joy Reid’s claim that someone added anti-gay material to an archived version of her now-defunct blog, BuzzFeed reported.

She blamed Wayback and they will have none of it.

In a statement, the Internet Archive said that it had investigated the liberal commentator’s assertion in December 2017, following a request from her attorneys.

“When we reviewed the archives, we found nothing to indicate tampering or hacking of the Wayback Machine versions,” read the statement attributed to Internet Archive officer manager Chris Butler. “At least some of the examples of allegedly fraudulent posts provided to us had been archived at different dates and by different entities.”

Reid first publicly claimed that an “external actor” had “gained access to and manipulated” her old blog in a statement to Mediaite Monday. According to the Internet Archive, Reid’s lawyers were unclear whether they believed the alteration had happened prior to the original site being taken down from the internet or within the Wayback Machine itself.

Meanwhile, she already confessed in December.

The newly surfaced posts, from 2005–2007, make reference to Anderson Cooper — who came out in 2012 — as “the gayest thing on TV,” state that “most straight people cringe at the sight of two men kissing,” and recount that the author was unable to attend Brokeback Mountain, a love story about two cowboys, because she “didn’t want to watch the two male characters having sex.”

Her cyber expert has now gone underground and she should also.


The Stoneman Douglas school resource cops are the most dishonest cops alive today. They were too cowardly to stop the killer at Stoneman in February, remaining outside the building. One cop recently fell asleep on the job, and it was shortly after the massacre of 17 people. The incompetent Sheriff Israel is running around telling people at Democratic political events that he did an outstanding job.

They couldn’t stop there. So, they decided to call in a 16-year old 2nd Amendment supporter for an intense interrogation knowing he’s an honor student who is also a good kid. These are the cops who couldn’t find mass killer Nikolas Cruz but they sure as heck found the honors student.

Kyle Kashuv tweeted after the interrogation by armed officers: “District staff and school administrators looked into this matter and following a review, determined the tweet messages to be non-threatening,” lol what a joke. No kidding it wasn’t a threat… so why was I interrogated?”

He had put up a  short video clip of him and his Dad at a gun range.

Listen to his story about the dishonest Keystone Kops of Stoneman High.

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